Christian Counseling

Are you a victim of sexual or domestic violence? Go Fish Ministries, Inc., an advocacy group for victims of sexual and domestic violence, is offering Bible based Christian individual and group counseling for adult and minor female victims of domestic violence and sexual violence, including battered wives, rape, childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, date rape, and repressed memories or other unresolved issues related to their victimization. Children and Teens under 18 must have parental consent. 

Mrs. Kimberly M. Hartfield, B.S., M.S. is an Ordained Minister, and Christian Counselor, and will hold 45 -50 minute sessions once a week, either in person in Hattiesburg, MS or through email contact, for Mentoring and Bible based Christian Counseling services. Mrs. Hartfield will hold counseling sessions in a private area of a home or a private area of a local church of your choosing with the permission of the church pastor. 

All communications with Mrs. Hartfield will be kept completely confidential, except for those exemptions allowed by law (danger to self/others, abuse of a minor child).  Fee for services will be based on ability to pay, ranging from $20-$100 per session, payable in advance of online services by PayPal or at the time of service for personal appointments, by cash, check, or PayPal. Sorry, no insurance filing services available at this time.

The sliding scale fee is based on your income level and begins at $20 for those who need help with the cost of each session. Initial inquiry sessions may be free and pro-bono sessions may be provided at counselor discretion. Sessions will be facilitated by Kimberly Hartfield, B.S., M.S., who is a Christian Counselor and an ordained minister. Mrs. Kimberly M. Hartfield, B.S., M.S. is an Ordained Minister, and Christian Counselor, though she is not yet a Licensed Professional Counselor. For more information please email Kimberly Hartfield at or leave message at, at 601-620- 3745.  

Kimberly Hartfield, B.S., M.S.

Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister

 What is Christian Counseling?

Silent Screams

Don’t be Silent: Stop Domestic Violence

Sliding Scale Fee for Services Per Session


Annual Salary                     Payment per visit                                                                                                            

$0-$25,000                            $20                                         

$25,001 – $40,000                $30

$40,001 – $50,000                $40

$50,001 -$60, 000                $50            

$60,001 -$75, 000                $60

$75,001 -$90, 000                $75

$90,001 -$100, 000              $80

$100,001 -$150, 000            $100

With more than 2 children, go one payment lower.


A household with 2 children making 47,500 per year would pay $40 per session.

A household with 3 or 4 children making 59,000 per year would also pay $40 per session.

For services, print and sign Informed Consent for Counseling Session and email or postal mail a signed copy back to me.  Also please sign and return the Authorization for Release of Information Form.  Lastly, fill out the Initial Intake Form and return to me at or mail to Go Fish Ministries, inc. 76 Mims Road, Hattiesburg, MS, 39401.  

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  3. You have a good way to figure out a sliding scale. Thanks for sharing you price structure.

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