Close Encounters of the God Kind: Is there Evidence in the Bible for Encounters with Alien Beings and Is God an Alien? Part 3

Close Encounters of the God Kind:

Is there Evidence in the Bible for Encounters with Alien Beings and Is God an Alien?

Part 3

(Note: All paraphrases are my own)

©2005 Kimberly Hartfield


In the beginning of creation, God made heaven and earth. [2] Now the earth had no form, and was empty and the atmosphere was dark. So the Spirit of God flew across the top of the waters, lingering over it… (Genesis 1:1-2)

The Ezekiel passages are the most frequently cited biblical description of a possible alien encounter, and clearly describe what some may believe to be a type of UFO with its occupants.  Ezekiel is certainly the most vivid Biblical description of a close encounter of the God kind, but what about others in the Bible? Could other individuals in the Scriptures, possibly have had real encounters with an Alien (God) or are these instances simply just imaginative stories on the parts of the writers, embellished with impossible details of miraculous occurrences? How about Enoch and Elijah, who did not die, but were taken up into heaven by God? Enoch was listed in a long list of genealogy, which clearly stated that everyone else in the list died, but when Enoch was mentioned, the passage does not say that he died, but that he was not… because God took him. And Elijah was a bit more dramatically taken up in a fiery chariot by a whirlwind…

And Enoch walked with God: and he disappeared from the earth; for God took him. (Genesis 5:24)

And it came to pass, when the Lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal…And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and separated them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. (2 Kings 2:1-11)

Could Elijah’s fiery chariot have really been a spacecraft of sorts, but the only thing the witness, Elisha, could possibly have equated it with in his time was a fiery chariot and horses of fire? What about Abraham’s visit with God in Genesis 18-19, who came down to see him and allowed his 90 year old wife, Sarah to conceive and have a child? And what about the great destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah that followed that visit? Some theologians claim that this is figurative language and that God could not have really come down to earth.  But what if God did literally come down from heaven to check up on earth’s inhabitants? This possibility might even get some people to reconsider their positions and make some more positive life choices, if they knew that God might pay them a visit and judge their behaviors like this passage speaks of.

Think about what kind of weapons might these spacecraft inhabitants of God have used to annihilate this perverted and evil people? The Bible calls them weapons of destruction, so I suppose it would suffice to say that whatever they were, they got the job done.  The hand held weapons are certainly reminiscent of our current guns, while the fire and brimstone that the Bible says God rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah, may have even been some kind of nuclear weapon that could destroy whole cities, much like what was used at Hiroshima in WWII.

Think about Jacob’s ladder to heaven and the wresting match with the angel in Genesis 28-32.  Could this ladder have been a stairway to a heavenly spacecraft? And could the angel of God have been an alien being? How about Moses and the burning bush in Exodus 3? How did God send the plagues on Egypt? Could this have been some sort of biological warfare?  How did God part the Red Sea?  Scripture tells us that God sent a strong east wind to part the waters.  Could a spacecraft have manipulated the atmosphere that much? What about Job’s visit with God from the whirlwind?

Now lets think about some New Testament passages and the wondrous miracles portrayed in them.  How did Jesus walk on the water, calm the storm, and perform other great miracles?  How did Moses and Elijah appear on the mount of transfiguration with Jesus?  Could it be that a spacecraft hovered above them in the cloud and beamed them down and back up, Star Trek style, so to speak?  How was Jesus raised from the dead and taken up into the clouds at the ascension?  Could an alien spacecraft have been hovering near and possibly have the technology to be powerful enough to control these oddities of the natural law?

Christians call occurrences that build faith, but cannot be explained by known natural laws Miracles.  Could not all these biblical miracles be possible if what we call Alien today is actually God, who has advanced intelligence and technology?  Could God have literally created a world in six days, and a human being in a day with advanced technology?  Whether or not you or I believe God is an Alien, I believe it’s completely conceivable and possible, and that every miracle in the Bible could be substantiated by a theory of an Intelligent other-worldly Being, who sometimes intervenes in the affairs of humanity.

The descriptions of events such as these and others in the Scripture are necessarily limited by the vocabulary of the day.  People in Scriptural times, who may have encountered alien beings, must have described what they witnessed with words that were somewhat equivalent to what they believed they were seeing. Space crafts may have become chariots and arks, aliens may have been described as angels and cherubim, and the most powerful Being, or the Leader, what some today call God, our Creator, and others would call an Alien Being.

Isn’t it possible that all of the great prophets in the Bible may have been in direct contact with an Alien or Unknown Being, whom they called God? Since the surrounding cultures all had their gods, and from the beginning of time, the Hebrews had their own ancestral reports of Godly encounters, it would make perfect sense that they called what they witnessed by the name of God. From Adam walking in the garden with God, straight through the scriptures with Jesus speaking to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus from the great heavenly light, and to John the Revelator’s descriptions of the world to come, a plausible explanation for these encounters and miracles could be direct contact with an other-worldly Being, or what some of us believe is God.  Even the description of the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, has a remarkable resemblance to a possible alien space city.  And the prophecies foretold in the Bible are too detailed, not to have been the result of direct contact with the source of them.  We believe that they were inspired, so isn’t it possible that they were given to the prophets either directly or through some kind of hypnotic mind suggestion?

To be Continued…

Part 1

Part 2


About mamaheartfilled

I am a mother of eight wonderfully challenging children and nine grandkids, of whom I am very proud. I am also a bi-vocational ordained evangelical minister, and a Christian Counselor. I received my B.S. degree in 2004, studying primarily in the areas of Psychology, with minors in Religion and English. I received my Masters Degree in 2009 in Psychological Counseling with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. I have endeavored to paraphrase the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, for the last ten years or so and am working on a final edit, now. It is my hope that it will be of some use in the great commission of Christ. My ministry is primarily geared toward victims of sexual and domestic violence, including victims of childhood sexual abuse, whether currently or in the past. Since I have personally experienced the healing hand of God in overcoming many of the life issues that Christians may face, I feel qualified and compelled to discuss them in a truthful and open manner, as God’s word tells us that “We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.” God has brought me through such diverse tribulations as sexual, physical, and mental abuse, being a victim of a drunk driving accident, spousal pornography addiction, adultery, divorce, remarriage, a very brief, though unjust, incarceration, and having experienced multiple miscarriages and various other trials. I have been asked to leave two Southern Baptist Churches, due to my being a female, ordained as a minister, and fired from a SBC sponsored Christian School (mostly white) for speaking out against racial prejudice in the Family of God. Through God’s merciful forgiveness of my own sins and inadequacies and God’s grace given to me to forgive those who have been a stumbling block to me, I have overcome many of these adversities. God’s word tells us that “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to the purposes of God." Since I have this hope, I believe that God has blessed me with the ability to confront and relate these issues to the Christian community around the world. I hope to be able to use my personal experiences as a ministry of God’s grace and in the comforting of the people of God with the truth of God's mercy. I claim II Corinthians 1: 3 & 4 as my calling, which states: “Blessed be God, the Origin of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Origin of mercies, and the God of comfort; who comforts us in all our troubles, that we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble, by the comfort we ourselves have been given by God.” As I have received the gift of God’s healing, I hope to be able to bring the peace beyond understanding to others with the message of God’s mercy and grace. My love for the Sovereign Lord of my life, Jesus Christ, along with my passion for writing has drawn me to explore these commonly experienced crisis issues from the perspective of my own experience in the hope that I may bring an empathetic and compassionate insight to God’s people. I am now a published author and have several books in publication, including my autobiography, "A Little Redneck Theology." The views expressed in my writings are strictly my own insights, acquired from personal experience and diligent study of the related topics and God’s word concerning them. Though I am an ordained minister, my views should not be considered authoritative. I believe that the Christian community’s ultimate authority is the guidance of the human heart by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
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