Close Encounters of the God Kind: Is there Evidence in the Bible for Encounters with Alien Beings and Is God an Alien? Part 4

Scroll of the Psalms

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Close Encounters of the God Kind:

Is there Evidence in the Bible for Encounters with Alien Beings and Is God an Alien?

Part 4

(Note: All paraphrases are my own)

©2005 Kimberly Hartfield


In the beginning of creation, God made heaven and earth. [2] Now the earth had no form, and was empty and the atmosphere was dark. So the Spirit of God flew across the top of the waters, lingering over it… (Genesis 1:1-2)

The Psalms are rich with descriptions that could possibly imply encounters with what some people might believe are aliens and what some people simply know as God. Is it possible that David, the psalmist, had a close encounter of the God kind?  Psalm 18 has an interesting story that tells of David being surrounded by enemies and being forced into deep water, which he was suddenly taken up out of and put in a large place.  He describes the scene in very vivid terms, the heavens opening up, and God descending on a Cherub, or a heavenly being, that rode on the clouds, with dark smoke and fire coming out of the nostrils of God and with the flames burning everything in its path. His words tell us that the brightness of God was followed by dark clouds and hail and that God made a great noise. Could this possibly be the description of the exhaust and roar of a spacecraft with bright lights?  He further described the scene, stating that God shot out bolts of lightning at their enemies and scattered them, with the earth quaking and opening up after the destruction.  Could this, too, be a description of alien weaponry?

[18:4] The sorrows of death overtook me, and the rush of ungodly people made me afraid. [5] The sorrows of hell overtook me: the traps of death captured me. [6] In my distress I called on Yahweh, and cried out to my God, who heard my voice out of the sanctuary, and listened to my cry. [7] Then the earth quaked; the foundations of the hills were disturbed and shaken, because God was angry. [8] There went up a smoke out of the face of God, and fire out of the mouth of God, in which the flames consumed everything ignited by them. [9-11] God opened the heavens, coming down with dark smoke underneath, riding on a Cherub, a heavenly being, and flying on the wind, making darkness the hiding place of God, with a shelter of dark waters and the thick clouds of the skies all around. [12] But the brightness that surrounded God was followed by the thick clouds that passed, with hail stones and flashes of lightening. [13] The noise of Yahweh rumbled in the heavens, and then the voice of the Most High God spoke through the hail stones and flashes of light. [14] Yes, God sent out bolts of electricity, scattering the enemies, shooting out like flashes of lightning, and destroyed them. [15] Then the outlets of water were seen, and the heart of the earth was uncovered at Your word, oh Yahweh, from the exhaust of Your face. [16-18] God sent from above, taking hold of me, and drawing me up out of much water, delivering me from my strong enemies, and from those who hated me, which were too strong for me, and who had shamed me in the day of my misfortune, but You, oh Yahweh, were my stay. [19] You brought me forward also into a large place and delivered me, because You delighted in me.

Psalm 68 describes God’s presence as shaking the earth and the heavens descending with an object of silver and gold, with chariots (vehicles) numbering 20,000 containing thousands of heavenly beings as well.  He described it as a pot, an inanimate object that comes to life, and flies through the air like a dove, shimmering with silver and gold, and glowing white like the snow. He described armies running in fear from its presence. Could this be a mother spacecraft with many smaller spacecrafts containing their occupants?  Would these aliens come to the rescue of God’s chosen one?

[68:7-8] Oh God, when You went forward before Your people, Israel, when You marched with them through the wilderness; Selah: The earth shook and the clouds descended at Your presence: even Sinai itself quaked at the presence of God, the God of Your people, Israel…[12] Leaders of armed forces ran away, and our dependents at home received the benefits. [13] Though You’ve been as lifeless as a metal pot, yet you will fly as the silver wings of a dove, with feathers of yellow gold. [14] When the Almighty scattered rulers in it, it was white as the snow on Salmon…[17] The vehicles of God are twenty thousand, in which are thousands of angels: my Sovereign God is among them, as in Mt. Sinai, in the holy place…[32] Sing to God, You nations of the earth; oh sing praises to Yahweh; Selah: [33] To the Great One who rides on the heaven of heavens, which are eternal; see, the mighty voice of God sounds out. [34] We attribute strength to You, God: Your greatness is above Your people, Israel, and Your strength is in the skies. [35] Oh God, You are awesome coming out of Your holy places: It is You, God, who gives strength and power to Your people, Israel. God be blessed!


An abundance of the sightings today of unusual spacecraft and alien activity, have been reported in isolated areas of desert, mountains, forests, over oceans, etc.  Most of the descriptions in the Bible of unusual activity are in these kinds of areas as well.   Moses witnessed God on a secluded mountaintop, Elijah and Moses appeared on a mountain top with Jesus, and Jesus ascended from a mountaintop. God protected the children of Israel with a cloud by day and a fire by night as they wandered through the desert.  Could these stories possibly be describing events that might be the result of a spacecraft hovering near?  Psalm 29 describes some unusual activity in out of the way places that could be construed today as either an act of God or an alien presence.

[29:3] The voice of Yahweh is heard across the oceans: the God of glory rumbles, echoing over the seas. [4] The voice of Yahweh is strong and majestic. [5] The voice of Yahweh snaps the cedars in two; yes, Yahweh snaps the cedars of Lebanon completely in two. [6] Yahweh makes the volcanoes erupt. [7] The voice of Yahweh spews fiery flames. [8] The voice of Yahweh shakes the desert; the wilderness rumbles. [9] The voice of Yahweh makes the doe to bear, and unclothes the forests, and every one tells of the glory of God in the sanctuary. [10] Yahweh rules over the Tsunami; yes, oh Yahweh sits a Sovereign One forever.

This psalm describes the voice of God as being tremendously powerful.  Could not the fiery flames spewing out be the exhaust of a spaceship?  Could the rumble be the noise of a spacecraft, which has weapons that could snap a cedar into and make volcanoes erupt?  Could a spacecraft, make the desert rumble and burn the forest naked? Could a spaceship hide in the depths of the ocean? Psalm 104 describes a very bright object resting underneath the water and then coming out and moving through the clouds.

[104: 2] Covering Yourself with light as with clothes: You who stretches out the heavens like a curtain: [3] Who lays the shafts of Your chambers in the waters and makes the clouds Your vehicle, moving on the wings of the wind: [4] Who makes the angels spirits; Your ministers a flaming fire.

Psalm 74 and 77 also describe unusual activity near great bodies of water.  What could possibly explain the parting of the Red Sea?  What could send a powerful force strong enough to part the waters and let the Israelites cross on dry ground, while releasing it just in time to drown the whole of the Egyptian Army?  77:19 tells us that God travels in the sea and the oceans and that God’s path cannot be discovered. Could this mean that somewhere in the depths of our oceans, spacecrafts are hiding?

[74:13] You divided the sea by Your strength: You broke the heads of the dragons in the oceans. [14] You broke the heads of leviathan, the great sea beasts, in pieces, and gave them for meat to the people living in the wilderness. [15] You opened up the wellspring and the flood: You dried up mighty rivers.

[77:16] The waters felt You, oh God, the waters felt You disturb them and the depths were troubled as well. [17] The clouds poured rain, the skies thundered, and Your lightening flashed also. [18] The voice of Your thunder was in the heavens: the lightning lit up the world and the earth trembled and shook. [19] Your way is in the sea, and Your path in the great oceans, and Your footsteps aren’t known.

Psalm 132 describes hearing of and then discovering a place of God in the fields of the woods, and also of a powerful ark, which simply means a large container of sorts.  Could the discovery of this powerful ark actually have been the discovery of an alien spacecraft?

[132: 4-5] I won’t let my eyes sleep or even close my eyelids, until I discover a place for Yahweh, a house for the mighty God of Jacob. [6] See, we heard of it at Ephratah and found it in the fields of the wood. [7] We’ll go into the sanctuary and worship at the footstool of God. [8] Arise, oh Yahweh, into Your resting place; You, and Your powerful ark.

Psalm 97 contains a brief description of God that one might believe describe the presence of an alien craft.  It describes God as being very bright, but with clouds and darkness surrounding that brightness, with fire and lightening being shot out as weapons at the people around it and destroying the earth in the area.

[97:2] Clouds and darkness are around You: righteousness and judgment are the symbols of Your reign. [3] A fire goes before You, and burns up Your enemies everywhere. [4] Your lightning enlightened the world: the people of earth saw, and trembled. [5] The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Sovereign One, at the presence of the Most Sovereign of the whole earth. [6] The heavens declare Your righteousness, and everybody sees Your glory.

Could an Alien spacecraft, have the kind of power that could blow up mountains and hillsides?  And would its occupants take particular interest in a certain group of people over another? What if that alien spacecraft contained what we know of as God and the angels? The psalmist may have wondered the same thing, that is, why God would take special note of their people and destroy their enemies.  In this verse he prayed for God to open the heavens and come back down to destroy his enemies.

[144:3] Yahweh, what are human beings, that You take note of them! Or the children of humanity, that You take account of them! [4] People are as nothing: their days are as a shadow that passes away. [5] Open Your heavens, oh Yahweh, and come down: You touch the mountains and they smoke. [6] Make lightning, and scatter them: shoot out Your lightening bolts, and destroy them.

Psalms 78 describes God’s activities in Egypt when the Israelites were delivered from their slave-masters.  What could explain the types of occurrences in this passage, that we have so far considered unexplainable miracles?  Could an Alien God be responsible for these extreme, but seemingly natural happenings?  Would a hovering spacecraft produce a cloud by day and a fire by night? What was manna, the food of angels, that God rained down from the sky and that the Israelites ate; and who were the evil angels that God allowed to punish the Egyptians?  Were they simply avenging spirits, (aliens) that God sent to free the Israelites?

[78:13] You divided the sea, and allowed them to pass through it; making the waters to stand up as a mountain pass. [14] You also led them with a cloud in the daytime, and through the night with the light of fire. [15] You split the rock in the wilderness, and gave them water to drink from a deep creek. [16] God brought streams of water out of the rock also, causing it to run down like rivers. [17] And they sinned all the more against God by provoking the Most High in the wilderness. [18] And they tempted God in their hearts by asking for meat for their appetites. [19] Yes, they spoke against God and said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? [20] Look, God split the rock, so that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed; Can God give us bread also? Can God provide meat for the people as well? [21-24] Yahweh heard this, and was angry: so a fiery wrath was kindled against Jacob, and anger also came up against Israel, because they didn’t believe in God, and didn’t trust in Your salvation, though You had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven, and had rained down manna on them to eat, and had given them of the grain of heaven. [25] People ate the food of angels: for You, God sent them enough meat to fill them. [26-28] You caused an east wind to blow in the heaven, and powerfully brought in the south wind, raining meat on them as dust, and quail like the sand of the sea, and let them fall in the middle of their camp, all around their tents. [29] So they ate and were well filled, because You gave them what they desired. [30-31] They weren’t kept from their appetites, but while their meat was yet in their mouths, the anger of God came down on them, and slew the fattest of them, and brought down the chosen people of Israel…[42] They neither remember God’s hand, nor the day when You delivered them from the adversary. [43] How God had wrought signs in Egypt, and wonders in the field of Zoan, turning their rivers into blood, making it so that they couldn’t drink it. [45-51] You sent different sorts of flies among them, which devoured them; and frogs, which destroyed them, giving their increase to the caterpillar, and their labor to the locust also; destroying their vines with hail, and their sycamore trees with frost; destroying their cattle also in the hail, and their flocks with hot lightening bolts; casting on them the fierceness of Your anger, rage, indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them; making way for anger; not sparing their soul from death, but giving their lives over to the pestilence; and striking all the firstborn in Egypt, their strongest rule, in the sanctuaries of Ham: [52-53] But You made Your own people go forward like animals, guiding them in the wilderness like a heard, leading them safely on, so that they weren’t afraid, while the sea overwhelmed their enemies. [54] You brought them to the border of Your sanctuary, even to this mountain, which the hand of God had bought.

Psalm 106 describes a little more detail of the Israelites as they wandered through the wilderness.  This psalm tells of the earth opening up and swallowing the followers of Dathan, who had rebelled, and then tells of something akin to biological warfare as well.  Could an alien spacecraft shoot down and open up the earth? Could it produce a plague at its Leaders’ will?

[106] [16] They envied Moses and Aaron, the saints of Yahweh, also in the camp. [17] The earth opened up and swallowed Dathan, and buried the followers of Abiram. [18] And a fire was kindled in the middle of them, burning up those sinful ones… [28] They joined themselves also to the false god, Baal-peor, and ate offerings made for the dead. [29] So they provoked You to anger with their inventions, and a deadly illness came on them. [30] Then Phinehas stood up and executed judgment: so the deadly illness was stopped.

If Ezekiel, the psalmist, and others had in fact witnessed an alien presence, and called it God, then it would be totally appropriate to warn others to fear God and do what God requests of them. How would we feel if we had encountered an alien being in the past before we had ever heard of such a possibility?  How would we have described the event?  We would have used words that were as close to what we saw as possible, but within our current vocabulary. If God were the only way for them to describe such a Being, then wouldn’t it make sense that they probably would have described their close encounter with an Alien Being, as an encounter with the Almighty God?

To be Continued …

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