For the Love of Pomeranians

A parti-colored Pomeranian

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The Pomeranian is one of the most beloved toy dog breeds.  I have three myself, one named Blue Streak, one named Red Dawn, and one named White Cloud.  I love them because they are much like my larger Australian Shepherds, but are much smaller in size.  The Pomeranian is believed to have originated in Pomerania, Germany, from the larger spitz type dogs that were descended from the sled dogs of Iceland. Husky, Chowchows, Spitz, and other sled dogs may have all contributed to the breed, but the Pom was bred down from these to the size it is today.  It became very popular in England in the late 19th century and was brought to the United States in the early 20th century. The Pomeranian has fox-like facial features; medium-sized, almond shaped dark eyes; small perky ears that are carried erect; and a short neck with a lion-like mane. It has a short, compact body with long hair and a very fluffy tail, usually curled up over the back. The Pomeranian weighs about 3 to 7 lb. It has a soft, fluffy undercoat, with an outer coat of very long thick hair. It may be any number of colors, including black, white, cream, chocolate, shades of red or blue; or it may even be brindled or parti-colored. Pomeranians also have some blue merle colors, like Australian Shepherds, though they aren’t as common.  The Pomeranian is especially noted for its obedience, liveliness, and attentiveness.  It’s greatly valued as a show dog, much loved as a pet, and makes a really good watchdog.

Poms are usually active dogs, which were originally sled dogs bred down in size.  They can have a big dog attitude at times and won’t usually back down when confronted, even when the other dog is much larger. They don’t necessarily need a large yard to run in, but it is preferable to have ample space for such an energetic dog.  Any regular activity will keep their natural instincts and energy in check.  As long as they are given adequate time and attention from their owners, they do fine in just about any setting. 

Poms are very intelligent as well as active.  They are also very social animals and need to be included in family activities as much as possible. They love to play and need the companionship of another dog if their owners will be away for a good portion of the day. They are both quick learners and very loyal animals that love to please their owners, so they can be trained quite easily.  When trained correctly, the only discipline usually needed is a firm attitude and a strong voice.  They have very good guarding instincts, are naturally territorial and possessive, so they are good watchdogs as well.  Barking will likely need to be curtailed when young. They are generally good natured with children, but they may be nippy with unfamiliar children who are aggressive towards them.

Poms are generally healthy animals and will live 10-15 years with proper care.  They should be regularly wormed, vaccinated, properly sheltered, and fed with a good diet for longer life.  Poms should bathed at least monthly, brushed frequently, and may need to be dipped at regular intervals (apx. every 3-6 months).  Obesity can be a problem in this breed so a low fat diet may be in order for those who are infrequently active.

Cost of Poms depends on registration or show quality status.  Good purebred pet quality Poms sell for about $200 without papers to about $350 with papers.  Purebred show or breeding quality puppies sell from between $500 -$1000, and should have papers.  Poms, being very sociable animals, are one of the most popular family pets today.  Any family, even those in small apartment settings, has room for this small and fun-loving breed and will do well to choose one, regardless of the status or cost.


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