A Commentary on The Bible as History: Has the Bible been proven to be Historically Accurate?

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A Commentary on The Bible as History
Has the Bible been proven to be Historically Accurate?
                For some in the Christian community who may need a little proof to back up their waning faith, archeological discoveries that confirm the truth of the Scriptures may do just that. The Bible as History first published in 1955, and later revised in 1980 gives ample evidence to erase any doubts from your mind, if you choose to believe what God has laid bare before us in the pages of Werner Keller’s book. Keller’s book gives us a comprehensive review of scientifically established investigations of the discoveries of Biblical archeology.
For more than a century, American, English, French, and German Scholars have been digging up finds in Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Egypt. In Palestine, places and towns long buried in the sands of time, which have been mentioned in the Bible, have been unearthed and brought back into the light of day. Each of these discoveries are just as described in the Bible, and were found in the exact locations the Scripture places them. On many ancient inscriptions scholars have recognized the names of people and places found in both the Old and new Testaments.
Many of these discoveries, including ancient cuneiform tablets having Biblical names, transferred Biblical narratives, into the historical realm. One of the most important finds, the Dead Sea Scrolls, gave us our first pre-Christian Biblical text, with a complete text of the book of Isaiah, which proves the historical accuracy of the written texts we have today. Archeological scholars have awakened from eternal slumber the ancient Tower of Babel where the languages were confused, the cities of Pithom and Raamses where the Hebrews were enslaved, Gibeah, which was King Saul’s stronghold, and King Solomon’s horse stables, in Megiddo. From the new Testament, King Herod’s palace, the Pavement where Jesus faced Pilate, and the Babylonian astronomical tables showing the exact dates on which the star of Bethlehem was seen by the wise men.
                The knowledge of these discoveries and many others should encourage most people to at least examine, but probably radically alter their views about the Bible. Many stories in the Bible can no longer be viewed as fanciful tales exaggerated from the past, but must now be considered historically sound. Often these archeological finds correspond perfectly with Biblical narratives, not only confirming them, but shedding new light on some obscure passages. The stories in the Bible are not just literary masterpieces of the past, but are true narratives of things that actually took place, though the languages of the past may have limited the transmitting of the facts somewhat. The events of the Bible are true historical facts that have been recorded with an astonishing measure of accuracy. Thanks to these archeological discoveries, many Biblical passages can be better understood than ever before.
                No book in the history of the world has had as much influence and has so affected humanity as the Bible. Even after two millennia, there is no sign of its losing its power over the hearts and minds of those who read and study its pages. In view of the overwhelming mass of evidence The Bible as History presents and of the well attested and authentic archeological discoveries now known to us, the Bible can now be seen as the miracle it is, the Word of the Living God. These proofs have been preserved for posterity for millennia so that in these last days when doubts and loss of faith so threaten us, we can hold on to our hope and trust in the word of God as never before – with physical proof to boost our faith to new levels.
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I just found a cool website that also proves the accuracy of the Biblical texts.Biblical Archaeology Evidences for
the Accuracy of the Scriptures

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