Will Christians Suffer in the Tribulation?

Will Christians Suffer in the Tribulation?

I always believed I was a little odd, not knowing anyone else who has had dreams and visions as I have had, but I just recently read Corrie ten Boom – Her Life, Her Faith by Carole C. Carlson and found that maybe I’m not so strange after all. Corrie also had dreams and visions, some prophetic in nature. Corrie’s exceptional faith in the face of the fear brought by the Nazi holocaust of the Jewish people brought her through the most horrific of circumstances. At times in her life when most people’s faith would have long since died, her faith carried her through great suffering. She continued to proclaim to all those around her the love of Jesus Christ, even bringing to faith some of her Nazi captors.


Corrie  believed forgiveness to be the most important part of the Christian’s walk of faith. Not unlike Corrie, I have experienced great fears in my own life, being a victim of Domestic Violence for over 20 years. To have forgiven the ones who hurt me so much was an act of faith, not in my own ability to do so, but in Christ’s power to help me to do so. While my own experiences pale in significance when compared to Corrie’s horrendous experiences in a Nazi death camp, her story has been a faith building exercise for me as I read through the pages of her biography.


One of the most important messages in this book was that Corrie believed her ministry was to prepare Christians for future suffering. Now many Christians today believe that they will be raptured out of the earth before they will come to any suffering, but those who have suffered for our faith may have a little different perspective. There are many arguments over when the rapture is to take place but even the best of theologians have not resolved the questions at hand. We do know that Christ himself told us that just as he suffered, so must we suffer. In John 15:20 Christ tells us “If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you…” Persecution necessarily includes suffering.


Like Corrie, I know what it means to suffer, having at times in my life been threatened with physical harm, beaten, betrayed by family members, and having faced death with a gun put to my head. Coming face to face with death and miraculously living through it, puts you on a whole different level of suffering and faith. But again, like Corrie, I also believe that many Christians in these last days will suffer. Regardless of when the rapture may happen, I believe that like the Jews, Christians will also go through a time of great suffering which will test their faith. Maybe not all Christians will suffer, but many of them will.

In any case I believe that the Christian community should hope for the best (pre-tribulation rapture), but prepare for the worst (post- tribulation rapture). Rev. 7:9-14 tells us of a great multitude of people from all the nations of the world who will come out of the great tribulation. These are Christians who will suffer through the persecutions of the tribulation. Though Christians won’t suffer the judgments God sends on the unbelievers, they will suffer persecution from the anti-christ and his followers, those who have denied Christ.

Another important message Corrie shared with us before her death was a vision she had in which Christ proclaimed to her that after her death, He would very shortly return. Like Corrie, I have also had dreams and visions that lead me to believe that Christ’s second coming is in fact very near. In one dream I saw myself and a daughter in a Christian concentration camp surrounded by guards with dogs. Could this be possible in my life time? Could the world possibly allow another holocaust of Christians, like it did of the Jews? I believe it’s not only conceivable but very possible. Just as the world hated the Jews, so the Christians will be targeted with hatred for Christ’s name sake (Matt. 10:22).

In closing, I would say to Christians today not to be surprised by persecution and suffering, but to be prepared when it comes to us. Christians in other parts of the world are already suffering persecution and even death for their faith, so we in the U.S. will likely eventually face that kind of suffering ourselves. But like Corrie and myself, God will watch over those He loves. So trust that God will be with us, whether He chooses to remove us from suffering or whether He chooses to bring us faithfully through suffering.   And like an angel in a vision once told me when I was about to come into one of my hardest times of suffering, “The angels will be with you!”

Are You Ready? The End Times and the Antichrist [Kindle Edition]

Kimberly M. Hartfield (Author)

In Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 17, 21 Jesus tells the followers about a time when the world will be in chaos with wars, famines, disease, tsunamis, earthquakes, persecution of Christians and Jews, lack of love, lack of interest in the church, cosmological chaos, and so forth. This time period is described as being like birth pangs which get stronger and closer together as the time draws near. We are already experiencing the beginnings of trouble, with nation coming against nation, and land against land: with a great lack of food, and deadly diseases, and natural disasters, in many different places. These are hard times to be sure, but they aren’t without the grace of Almighty God.


About mamaheartfilled

I am a mother of eight wonderfully challenging children and nine grandkids, of whom I am very proud. I am also a bi-vocational ordained evangelical minister, and a Christian Counselor. I received my B.S. degree in 2004, studying primarily in the areas of Psychology, with minors in Religion and English. I received my Masters Degree in 2009 in Psychological Counseling with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. I have endeavored to paraphrase the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, for the last ten years or so and am working on a final edit, now. It is my hope that it will be of some use in the great commission of Christ. My ministry is primarily geared toward victims of sexual and domestic violence, including victims of childhood sexual abuse, whether currently or in the past. Since I have personally experienced the healing hand of God in overcoming many of the life issues that Christians may face, I feel qualified and compelled to discuss them in a truthful and open manner, as God’s word tells us that “We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.” God has brought me through such diverse tribulations as sexual, physical, and mental abuse, being a victim of a drunk driving accident, spousal pornography addiction, adultery, divorce, remarriage, a very brief, though unjust, incarceration, and having experienced multiple miscarriages and various other trials. I have been asked to leave two Southern Baptist Churches, due to my being a female, ordained as a minister, and fired from a SBC sponsored Christian School (mostly white) for speaking out against racial prejudice in the Family of God. Through God’s merciful forgiveness of my own sins and inadequacies and God’s grace given to me to forgive those who have been a stumbling block to me, I have overcome many of these adversities. God’s word tells us that “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to the purposes of God." Since I have this hope, I believe that God has blessed me with the ability to confront and relate these issues to the Christian community around the world. I hope to be able to use my personal experiences as a ministry of God’s grace and in the comforting of the people of God with the truth of God's mercy. I claim II Corinthians 1: 3 & 4 as my calling, which states: “Blessed be God, the Origin of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Origin of mercies, and the God of comfort; who comforts us in all our troubles, that we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble, by the comfort we ourselves have been given by God.” As I have received the gift of God’s healing, I hope to be able to bring the peace beyond understanding to others with the message of God’s mercy and grace. My love for the Sovereign Lord of my life, Jesus Christ, along with my passion for writing has drawn me to explore these commonly experienced crisis issues from the perspective of my own experience in the hope that I may bring an empathetic and compassionate insight to God’s people. I am now a published author and have several books in publication, including my autobiography, "A Little Redneck Theology." The views expressed in my writings are strictly my own insights, acquired from personal experience and diligent study of the related topics and God’s word concerning them. Though I am an ordained minister, my views should not be considered authoritative. I believe that the Christian community’s ultimate authority is the guidance of the human heart by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
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