What does the Koran say About Jesus?

What does the Koran say About Jesus?


Peace be upon you! I have been reading about Jesus in the Koran and have found some interesting things said about Jesus.


Surah al-Imram 3:42-55


42 And when the angels said: O Mary, Surely Allah (God) has chosen you above the women of the world.  43 O Mary, be obedient to your Lord (Yahweh) and humble yourself, and bow down with those who worship.  44 This is of the announcements relating to the unseen (Spirit) which We reveal to you; and you were not with them when they cast their pens to decide which of them should have you (Mary) in his charge, and you were not with them when they contended with one another.


Isa (Jesus) is the Chosen One, born of a virgin. Isa is holy. 


45 When the angels said: O Mary, surely Allah (God) gives you good news with a Word from Him of One whose name is the Messaih (Christ), Isa (Jesus), son of Mary, who is worthy of respect in this world, and the hereafter and of those who come near to Allah (God); 46 and he shall speak to the people from birth to death, and he shall be one of the good ones. 47 She said: My Lord (Yahweh)! When shall a son be born to me, since a man has not touched me? He said: Even so, Allah (God) creates what He pleases; when He has spoken of a matter, He only says to it, Be, and it is.


The Scriptures of the Bible are approved, Isa (Jesus) has power over death.


48 And God will teach (Isa, Jesus) the Book and the Wisdom (Old Testament) and the Taurat (Torah) and the Injil (New Testament). 49 And make (Isa, Jesus) an apostle to the people of Israel: That I have come to you with a sign from your Lord (Yahweh), that I choose for you out of the dust like the form of a dove, then I breathe into it and it becomes a dove with Allah’s (God’s) permission and I(Isa, Jesus) heal the blind, and the leprous, and bring the dead to life with Allah’s (God’s) permission and I inform you of what you should eat and what you should store in your houses; most surely there is a sign in this for you, if you are believers.   50 And a verifier of that which came before me in the Taurat (Torah) and that I may allow you part of that which has been forbidden you, and I have come to you with a sign from your Lord (Yahweh) so be careful of your duty to Allah (God) and obey me. 51 Surely Allah (God) is my Lord (Yahweh) and your Lord (Yahweh), so serve God, this is the right path.


Isa (Jesus) is the way to Heaven (Eternal Life). 


52 But when Isa (Jesus) perceived unbelief on their part, He said, Who will be my helpers in Allah’s (God’s) way? The disciples said, We are helpers in the way of Allah (God); We believe in Allah (God) and bear witness that we are submitting ones (followers, in Arabic-Muslims). 53 Our Lord (Yahweh) we believe in what You have revealed and we follow You, so write us down with those who bear witness.  54 And they (the Jews) plotted, but Allah (God) is the best of Planners. 55 And when Allah (God) said: O Isa (Jesus) I am going bring to an end (in death) Your days on earth and cause You to ascend ( bring to life again, resurrection) unto ME and purify You of those who disbelieve and make Your followers (Christians, Isahi Muslim, Muslims who follow Jesus) above those who refuse to believe (in Isa, Jesus) to the day of resurrection; then You shall return to Me and I will decide between You concerning that in which You differed (with them).


This passage plainly describes the miraculous birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and states that God will judge between those who believe in Jesus and those who don’t. It also states that those who believe in Jesus will be put above those who don’t, which is historically accurate.  In 50 Isa said that His life verifies what the prophets had spoken of concerning Him in the earlier Scriptures (The Old and New Testaments written before the Koran.) In light of this passage Muslims need to acknowledge the truth of the Bible and study it to find eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Christians should pray for the Isahi Muslims who seek to follow Jesus and pray for Muslims to have Isa dreams as many are now having.  Many have seen visions of a prophet in a flowing white robe and white hair.  This fits the description of Jesus on the Mount of transfiguration in Mathew 17:2  and also in Revelation 1:12-14 which describes Jesus as having a flowing white robe and hair as white as wool.  As I myself have had Isa dreams where I have seen Jesus, I know how powerfully these dreams can change a heart and life.  May the peace of Christ Jesus be on you all!

About mamaheartfilled

I am a mother of eight wonderfully challenging children and fourteen grandkids, of whom I am very proud. I am also a bi-vocational ordained evangelical minister, and a Christian Counselor. I received my B.S. degree in 2004, studying primarily in the areas of Psychology, with minors in Religion and English. I received my Masters Degree in 2009 in Psychological Counseling with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. I have endeavored to paraphrase the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. It is my hope that it will be of some use in the great commission of Christ. My ministry is primarily geared toward victims of sexual and domestic violence, including victims of childhood sexual abuse, whether currently or in the past. Since I have personally experienced the healing hand of God in overcoming many of the life issues that Christians may face, I feel qualified and compelled to discuss them in a truthful and open manner, as God’s word tells us that “We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.” God has brought me through such diverse tribulations as sexual, physical, and mental abuse, being a victim of a drunk driving accident, spousal pornography addiction, adultery, divorce, remarriage, a very brief, though unjust, incarceration, and having experienced multiple miscarriages and various other trials. I have been asked to leave two Southern Baptist Churches, due to my being a female, ordained as a minister, and fired from a SBC sponsored Christian School (mostly white) for speaking out against racial prejudice in the Family of God. Through God’s merciful forgiveness of my own sins and inadequacies and God’s grace given to me to forgive those who have been a stumbling block to me, I have overcome many of these adversities. God’s word tells us that “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to the purposes of God." Since I have this hope, I believe that God has blessed me with the ability to confront and relate these issues to the Christian community around the world. I hope to be able to use my personal experiences as a ministry of God’s grace and in the comforting of the people of God with the truth of God's mercy. I claim II Corinthians 1: 3 & 4 as my calling, which states: “Blessed be God, the Origin of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Origin of mercies, and the God of comfort; who comforts us in all our troubles, that we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble, by the comfort we ourselves have been given by God.” As I have received the gift of God’s healing, I hope to be able to bring the peace beyond understanding to others with the message of God’s mercy and grace. My love for the Sovereign Lord of my life, Jesus Christ, along with my passion for writing has drawn me to explore these commonly experienced crisis issues from the perspective of my own experience in the hope that I may bring an empathetic and compassionate insight to God’s people. I am now a published author and have several books in publication, including my autobiography, "A Little Redneck Theology." The views expressed in my writings are strictly my own insights, acquired from personal experience and diligent study of the related topics and God’s word concerning them. Though I am an ordained minister, my views should not be considered authoritative. I believe that the Christian community’s ultimate authority is the guidance of the human heart by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
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