Will we See an Increase in Muslim Pedophiles in the US?

Will we See an Increase in Muslim Pedophiles in the US?

The practice of “Bacha Bazi,” in which many Muslim men use adolescent boys for sex is as bad as the practice of Muslim men marrying girls as young as six. These Muslim homosexual pedophiles don’t care who they hurt and see nothing wrong with these inhuman practices that the rest of the world finds atrocious.  Many of these children suffer physically as well as emotionally. One eight year old girl bled to death on her wedding night a few years ago, which was well publicized.  There are many other documented cases of these types of abuses.

The reasons why this custom is pervasive among Muslims vary: some experts have postulated that it is done to avoid engaging in premarital sex with women, which is forbidden by the Quran. Others say the warlords use Islam to rally young men to their military cause, then abused them. Others believe Muslims consider sex with women degrading because of their view of women being regarded as less than a man. Regardless of the reasons, Afghanistan Muslims in particular, have a reputation for widespread pedophilia as documented in many articles and was the theme for the 2003 book, “The Kite Runner,” by Afghan-American Khaled Hosseini, which was made into a movie in 2007.

Many establishment media outlets have reported on the practice of “Bacha Bazi,” including the New York Times and the Times of London, which did articles in 2002, and Foreign Policy magazine, which published an article in October 2013. The practice is prevalent among the mujahideen, especially the Pashtuns, Tajiks and Hazara across Afghanistan’s eastern and northern rural areas, who purchase adolescent boys as conscripts and also use them for sex. It has become a sign of social status to have several “chai boys.” The Pashtuns tend to be Sunni while the Tajiks and Hazara are Shia, so the practice crosses over religious divisional lines.

“Whereas rural Pashtun culture remains largely misogynistic (women haters) and male-dominated due to deeply-ingrained Islamic values, teenage boys have become the objects of lustful attraction and romance for some of the most powerful men in the Afghan countryside,” Foreign Policy reported in 2013. “Demeaning and damaging, the widespread subculture of pedophilia in Afghanistan constitutes one of the most egregious ongoing violations of human rights in the world. The adolescent boys who are groomed for sexual relationships with older men are bought – or, in some instances, kidnapped – from their families and thrust into a world which strips them of their masculine identity. These boys are often made to dress as females, wear makeup, and dance for parties of men. They are expected to engage in sexual acts with much older suitors, often remaining a man’s or group’s sexual underling for a protracted period.”

The practice now seems more entrenched than ever. Estimates range as high as 50 percent of all Afghan boys in some areas have been abused by Bacha Bazi. “Because it is so common, a significant percentage of the country’s male population bears the deep psychological scars of sexual abuse from childhood. Some estimates say that as many as 50 percent of the men in the Pashtun tribal areas of southern Afghanistan take boy lovers, making it clear that pedophilia is a pervasive issue affecting entire rural communities,” According to Foreign Policy. “Many of the prominent Pashtun men who currently engage in bacha bazi were likely abused as children; in turn, many of today’s adolescent victims will likely become powerful warlords or government-affiliated leaders with boy lovers of their own, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.”

The U.S. has taken in thousands of United Nation-certified refugees from Afghanistan since 2002, not to mention from other Muslim countries as well, according to a U.S. State Department database. With this many Muslims coming over here to the US, we will likely see a surge in the number of homosexual pedophiles right here on American soil. There will also likely be many more victims as well.  One such pervert was recently caught and arrested for enticing two young brothers on the internet.


Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/refugee-charged-with-child-sex-crimes-in-u-s/#AUS3mU5CBCmEDeGq.99

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  1. I had no idea of this. Shocking isn’t even a word for it. So sad, so very sad. I think what is very interesting about all of this is how the Muslims have such a hatred for Gays and Lesbians and are willing to kill them and yet they allow this. I’m curious as to your thoughts on this.


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