Ordination and Ministry Charters


Go Fish Ministries, Inc.

Go Fish Ministries, Inc. is pleased to legally ordain members and charter affiliate churches and ministries who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and feel they are called into Christian Ministry. If you are not yet a member of Go Fish Ministries, Inc., your first step will be to fill out and mail the Application for Membership Ordination.

It is the belief of Go Fish Ministries, Inc. that, since Jesus required no particular education or other qualifications of the followers, but only that they answered the call to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that this basis should also be our own guideline for ordaining Ministers into Christian Service. The Biblical basis for this belief are the following verses.

“Go to all the countries of the world, and preach the New Word to everyone. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; but whoever doesn’t believe will be damned to Hell. Mark 16:15-16

Preach the Word; be ready at any time; convict, correct, and encourage with great patience and good teachings. The time will come when people won’t keep on living by godly principles; but they’ll take to themselves teachers, who teach them what they want to hear. They won’t listen to the truth, but will turn to make believe stories. Watch in everything, keep on going in your troubles, do the work of one who tells others the New Word, giving full proof of your ministry. 2Timothy 4:2-5

But Peter, standing up with the eleven, spoke out, saying to them… this is what was spoken by the great preacher Joel; And in the last days, says God, I’ll pour out of My Spirit on all people: and your sons and your daughters will preach, and your young people will see visions, and your old people will dream dreams: And on My male and My female workers I’ll pour out of My Spirit in those days; and they’ll all preach: And I’ll show amazing things in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and smoky vapors: The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon will shine blood red, till that great and notable day of Yahweh God comes: And whoever will call on the Name of Yahweh God will be saved. Acts 2:14-21

With these in mind, Go Fish Ministries, Inc. is honored to perform the sacred duty to ordain members and or charter churches and ministries who demonstrate by actions and statement of faith that they are called into Christian service and ministry.

Those wishing to become a legally ordained minister or receive a church charter should request the Application for Membership Ordination.  The application will include a request for your full name and statement of faith, including your salvation experience and call to ministry, as well as a declaration that you accept our articles of faith, and will never marry any same sex couple. Print and mail a hard copy to Go Fish Ministries, Inc. at 76 Mims Road, Hattiesburg, MS. 39401. You may email back a filled out copy to gofishministries@jesuslovesu2.every1.net Please include “Request for Membership/Ordination,” in the subject line of your e-mail. As a newly ordained member, you will receive your official letter of ordination by e-mail.

This ordination is granted free of charge but a $5-10 donation to our ministry would be greatly appreciated for our time to look over your application and information. Ordination allows you to legally use the title Reverend, Pastor, Sister, Brother, Etc. before your name, and allows you to perform all standard Christian services, including the rites of marriage, baptism, and the Lord’s Supper.

Go Fish Ministries, Inc. does not charge a fee to ordain a minister or charter a church into Christian Service, but a $5-$10 donation for our time and efforts are appreciated to look over your application and information.  Upon acceptance into this ministry, every minister will receive a standard ordination letter or charter certificate by email.  However, we do offer an Ordination or Charter Package, which consists of an ordination charter certificate worthy of framing, a wallet sized ministers card, and a car placard to place on your windshield when visiting hospitals, jails, nursing homes, and other establishments. We do ask a $25 donation for these items to help support our ministry efforts. If you wish to receive an Ordination Package, you may PayPal your donation to us and email your request for this service to gofishministries@jesuslovesu2.every1.net.

Requirements for Membership/Ordination/Charter

  1. You must be accepted into our membership, and agree with our Articles of Faith.
  2. You must make an evangelical Christian Statement of Faith.
  3. You must pass a brief theological evaluation by an Overseer.
  4. You must demonstrate a call to Ministry.
  5. You must demonstrate and confirm that you are free from sexual sin (sex outside of marriage).
  6. You must agree to never officiate at a same sex marriage.
  7. You must pass and internet background check and not be on a sex offenders registry.


Women in Christian Ministry

Women in Christian Ministry

A Journey of Faith

Authored by Sis. Kimberly M. Hartfield

Women in Christian Ministry is the culmination of my writings on women’s ministry and related topics of concern. It is a reflection of my personal journey into Christian Ministry and my search for truth in questions concerning a woman’s place in ministry, types of ministry, and whether or not she should be ordained for that purpose. It was an answer to God’s calling on my life and God’s confirmation of that calling. I hope that my journey of faith may help you in your search for truth and encourage you in your calling. This book includes samples of a Baptism, Wedding, and Funeral ceremony. God bless to all!

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/4033488

A Little Redneck Theology

6 Responses to Ordination and Ministry Charters

  1. Am interested to join you and be ordained and get an evangelistic ministries charter.Am from nyanza province.Kenya(p.o box 191 kehancha-40413.kenya).


  2. Am a Missionary evangelists and l love the lord from all my heart.l had a Divine callling of God on my life.l need an ordination certificate and the package of ordination.this is my postal Address P.O.BOX Ks 7433 Kumasi_Ashanti Ghana.thank you.and hope to hearing from you.


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