A Little Red Neck Theology: A Defense of the New Word

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According to Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005. a paraphrase is to rephrase and simplify a longer work, to restate something using other words, especially in order to make it simpler or shorter.  As far as I know, the King James Version of the Bible is not copyrighted, which was the basis of my work.  I did refer to several other versions, but was very careful not to copy directly from any of them.  I wrote the paraphrase using my own words in order to simplify the Bible for myself as well as other readers.

This publication is a paraphrase of the New Testament portion of the Bible. Its main purpose is to present a more simplified version to those who have difficulty understanding some of the more traditional ones, especially children and teens. My inspiration was to give my own children a more understandable, easier to read text, and one that would hopefully encourage them and other young people to begin reading the Word of God. Many Biblical versions were considered in the interpretation of this version, in which the starting point was the original King James Version.  The primary versions I have consulted in this paraphrase were the King James Version, The New King James Version, the American Standard Version, the Good News Bible, the Living Bible, The Book, the Revised Standard Version, Young’s Literal Translation, among others, along with a study of many of the original Hebrew words from the Strong’s Concordance and Dictionary. The main departure from these common versions is the use of the proper Name of God, which is now commonly understood to be Yahweh. So I now quote from the preface to The New Oxford Annotated Bible Revised Standard Version which states concerning the Name of God,

“A major departure…is the rendering of the Divine Name…the term Jehovah; the King James Version had employed this in four places, but everywhere else, except in three cases where it was employed as part of a proper Name, used the English word LORD (or in certain cases GOD). . .  While it is almost if not quite certain that the Name was originally pronounced Yahweh, this pronunciation was not indicated when the Masoretes added vowel signs to the consonantal Hebrew.  To the four consonants YHWH of the Name, which had come to be regarded as too sacred to be pronounced, they attached vowel signs indicating that in its place should be read the Hebrew word Adonai meaning Lord (or Elohim meaning God)…The form Jehovah is of late medieval origin; it is a combination of the consonants of the Divine Name and the vowels attached to it by the Masoretes but belonging to an entirely different word.  The sound of the Y is represented by J and the sound of W by V, as in Latin . . . the word Jehovah does not accurately represent any form of the Name ever used in Hebrew . . . and is entirely inappropriate for the universal faith of the Christian Church.” 

In light of these words and many hours of heartfelt prayer and much study of the Scriptures, I have endeavored to bring back the use of the forgotten Name of God in this paraphrase, and the use of the English word Lord has been rendered as Savior, Christ, and God, in places where the use of YAHWEH was not employed.  I have been tormented many days over whether or not this interpretation was the right thing to do, and I now believe with all my heart that I have done the perfect will of God.  Nevertheless, if I have rather entered into the permissive will of God, I now plead for God’s mercy on my soul, as I have done it in ignorance rather than malice.  God knows my heart is to serve my Yahweh God, the Great I Am.  The Hebrew form of the name of God, which is “Yahweh,” interpreted in English means “I Am”.

In closing I would like to say that I don’t think anybody ought to have a copyright on God’s Word, including myself. So as Yahweh God holds the ©copyright, all rights are reserved for and by God. This Book of the New Word may be reproduced in its entirety or in part with permission of the Author God.  Reproductions may be distributed in printed, electronic, media, and other formats.  Any and all reproductions must be provided to users free of charge and may not be sold for a fee.   We have been freely given, so we must freely give.  Go into all the world and make followers…

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