1[1-6] A vision about Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite. Yahweh is a jealous God and punishes. Yahweh will punish and is full of great anger. Yahweh punishes those who come against God, and has great anger against the enemies of God. Yahweh is slow to get angry, and great in power, but will in no way leave the guilty unpunished. The will of God is in the hurricane and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of Yahweh’s feet. God speaks to the sea, and dries it up, and dries up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel are weak; and the flower of Lebanon droops. God makes the volcanoes shake and erupt, and the hills melt away. The earth quakes at God’s presence, yes, the world, and all who live in it. Who can stand up to God’s anger? Who can stand in God’s great anger? God’s great anger is poured out like molten lava, and the rocks are even broken apart.

[7-10] Yahweh is good, a safe haven in the day of trouble; and knows those who trust in God. Yahweh will chase the enemies of God into darkness and completely destroy their homes with an overflowing flood. What do you plan against Yahweh? God will completely destroy it and you won’t trouble again. Like someone tangled up in thorns, and a drunk overcome with their drink, they’re totally destroyed like dry weeds in a fire.

[11-15] Someone has come out from you, who plans evil against Yahweh, who counsels those guilty of sin. So Yahweh says, “Though they feel safe and are many, even so they’ll be destroyed, when I pass over them. Though I’ve troubled you, I won’t trouble you anymore. Now I’ll break their control over you, and set you free.” Yahweh has said about them, “No more descendants will have your name. I’ll destroy all the false gods out of the place of worship of your gods. I’ll make your grave, for you are evil.” See, on the mountains walk the feet of the One who brings a New Word, who preaches peace! Keep your celebrations, Judah! Do what you promised, for those guilty of sin won’t come into you anymore. They’re totally destroyed.


2[1-4] The One who scatters has come against you. Protect yourselves! Watch the roads! Strengthen yourselves! Strengthen your troops! For Yahweh will make Jacob grow again, as Israel will grow again; for those who have destroyed them have ruined their vines. The shields of their soldiers are blood red. The soldiers are covered in blood. The war vehicles have flaming torches when they’re ready, and shake the tall trees. The war vehicles flash through the streets. They rush back and forth in the road ways. They flash like lightening and move as fast as lightning.

[5-8] They call up their best troops but they fall on their way. They run to its wall, and put their defenses in place. The dams of the rivers are opened, and the palace is flooded. Though they stand firm, they’ll be taken prisoner; and their women will sound like doves, beating on their breasts. But Nineveh has always been like a pool of water, yet they run away. “Stop! Stop!” they cry, but no one turns back.

[9-13] Take the silver and gold, for there’s no end of it, and all the other good stuff. Take everything until it’s all gone and there’s nothing left. Their hearts melt, their knees knock together, their sides ache and their faces have turned pale. Where is their den of the lions, where their young lions ate, where the lion and the lioness walked along with their cubs, and no one made them afraid? The lions tore in pieces enough for their cubs, and killed for their lionesses, and filled their caves with what they killed, and their dens with food. “See, I am against you,” says the God of All Creation, “and I’ll burn your war vehicles in the smoke, and the war will destroy your young soldiers; and I won’t let you destroy those you come against from the earth, and no one will hear the voice of your messengers.”

3[1-4] Sorrow will come to the bloody city! It’s all full of liars and thieves. They never stop looking for someone to hurt. I hear the noise of the whip, and rattling wheels, strutting horses, and fast war vehicles, and see the soldiers’ weapons, and many dead, and a great pile of bodies, too many to count. They trip over their bodies, because of the great unfaithfulness of their prostitutions, those who do witchcraft, who sell people into prostitution, and destroy their families through their witchcraft.

[5-10] “See, I am against you,” says the God of All Creation, “and I’ll pull up your skirts and show the nations your nakedness, and all their realms your shame. I’ll throw filthy trash on you, and make you shameful, and will put you where you can be seen by all and where all those who look at you will run from you, and say, ‘Nineveh is destroyed! Who will cry for them?’ Where will I look for comforters for you? Are you better than the city of No-Amon, which sat among the rivers, who had the waters all around it; whose protection and defense was the sea? Ethiopia (Cush, Son of Ham) and Egypt were their great strength. Africa (Put, Son of Ham) and Libya were their helpers. Yet they were carried off and taken prisoner. Their young children were also taken out and killed, and they gambled for their honorable ones, and all their elders were taken prisoner.

[11-15] You’ll be like a drunk and hide. You’ll also look for a safe place because of the enemy.          All your protected places will be like fig trees with the first-ripe figs and when they’re shaken, they’ll fall into the mouth to be eaten. See, your people within it are women. The gates of your land are wide open to your enemies. The fire has burned up your city gates. Save your water for the siege. Strengthen your protected places. Go get the clay, and mix the mortar and make the brick strong, but the fire will burn you up. The war will kill you. It will eat you like the caterpillar. Make yourselves as many as the caterpillars and the grasshoppers.

[16-19] You have made those who sell more than the stars of the skies, even though the caterpillar eats it up, and flies away. Your officials are like the locusts, and your guards like the swarms of locusts, which settle on the walls on a cold day, but when the sun appears, they fly away, and where they go no one knows. Your animal keepers sleep, ruler of Assyria. Your leaders are buried in the earth. Your people are scattered on the mountains, and there’s no one to gather them up. There’s no healing of your destruction, for your wound is great. All who hear about you will clap their hands over you; for who has your evil not hurt?

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