The Sayings (Proverbs)

1 [1-6] These are the sayings of Solomon, the son of David and ruler of Israel; So we can receive wisdom and learning in order to have a good understanding; To learn the teachings of wisdom, justice, good judgment, and equality; To teach the uneducated and give the young knowledge and good judgment. A wise person will listen, and learn; and one of understanding will pay attention to wise guidance in order to understand a saying and its meaning, the words of smart people, and their wise sayings. [7-9] The respect of Yahweh is the opening up of the mind to knowledge, but the untested and stupid reject knowledge and learning. Children, listen to the training of your parents, and don’t ignore their words; They’ll bring blessings and respect to you, and are as a prized medal around your neck. [10-19] Children, if the sinful tempt you, don’t agree to go with them. If they say, “Come with us, let’s hunt for someone to mug, and wait for a victim; Let’s capture them, kill them, and send them to Hell.  We’ll find lots of valuables and fill our houses with their stuff; Join our gang and we’ll all split the takings;” Children, don’t join their gang, but avoid them; They run to evil, and quickly shed innocent blood. Just like trying to catch a bird is useless, they wait for their own death, unknowingly stalking their own blood. Only greedy people that kill property owners for the takings act this way. [20-23] Wisdom cries out to those in the streets; It cries out in public places, at the edge of the city limits; in the prominent places of the city, the voice of wisdom says, “How long, you immature people, will you love ignorance? And ridiculers enjoy their hatred, and stupid people hate knowledge? Turn back at My warning; See, I’ll give some of My spirit to you, revealing My words to you. [24-33] I’ll laugh at your misfortune, too, because I called, and you refused; I reached out, and no one paid attention; I’ll mock you when you’re afraid because you’ve disregarded all my advice, and ignored my warnings. When great fear comes, and your destruction comes as a hurricane; when trouble and grief come on you, then you’ll call on Me, but I won’t answer; you’ll quickly look for Me, but you won’t find Me; For you hated knowledge, and didn’t choose to show respect to Yahweh God. You ignored My direction and hated My correction, so you’ll suffer the consequences of your own way, and be caught in your own plans; For the unconcern of the careless will kill them, and the wealth of stupid people will destroy them. If you listen to Me you’ll live safely, and won’t be overcome by the fear of evil.”   2 [1-9] Children, if you’ll believe my words, and keep my teachings with you, so that you listen to these wise words, and apply your heart to understand them; Yes, if you look for knowledge, and ask questions to help you understand; if you look for it as riches, searching for it like hidden treasures, then you’ll understand the respect of Yahweh God, and find the knowledge of God. Yahweh gives wisdom; the Words of God give knowledge and understanding. Yahweh gives a sound mind to godly people and helps those who walk respectably. Yes, God keeps the ways of judgment, and saves the way of those who believe, so you’ll understand what’s right, have good judgment, show equality, and follow every good way. [10-22] When wisdom enters your heart and knowledge is pleasing to your soul; good judgment will protect you and understanding will save you, in order to protect you from evil ways and from those that speak sinful things. They’ll keep you safe from those who leave decent ways and do evil, and who have a good time doing evil things, enjoying the sinfulness of evil people, whose ways are crooked and who leave the true path. They’ll save you from the ungodly, even from the ungodly that only tell people what they want to hear; who give up on the guidance of their youth, and forget the promises of God; whose houses lean toward death, and whose sidewalks lead to the dead. No one that stays with ungodly people ever returns to find the path of life. So walk in the ways of godly people, and keep the ways of the respectable, for godly people who are innocent will live and stay in the land, but the sinful will die out of the earth, and the offenders will be moved out of their place.   3 [1-6] Children, don’t forget my words; but let your heart keep my teachings for more useful days, longer life, and peace. Don’t let mercy and truth leave you. Place them around your neck like a prized medal, writing them in your heart, so that you’ll find grace and have good understanding in the sight of God and humanity. Trust in Yahweh with all your heart; and don’t trust your own understanding. Acknowledge God in everything you do, and Yahweh will guide your ways. [7-12] Don’t be wise in your own eyes; respect Yahweh, and stop doing evil, which will keep you strong and healthy. Honor Yahweh with all you have, and with the first of everything you get, so you’ll be filled up, bursting out at the seams. Children, don’t hate the correction of Yahweh; don’t be tired of God’s discipline, because Yahweh loves whoever is corrected; just like the parents do to the children they enjoy. [13-20] Happy are those that find wisdom, the ones that understand, for its yield is better than a rich income, and making great wealth. It’s more precious than expensive stones, and nothing that you can want can be compared to it. Watch and see; for more useful days, worldly goods, and respect will come with it. The ways of wisdom are enjoyable, and all its ways are peaceful. It’s life to those who grab it and everyone that keeps it will be happy. Yahweh has founded the earth with wisdom and has settled the heavens with understanding. The depths of the oceans quake and the clouds rain by the knowledge of God. [21-26] Children don’t lose sight of sound wisdom and good judgment. They’re life to your soul, and health to your body, so you can walk in your way safely, never stumbling. When you lie down, you won’t be afraid; yes, you’ll lie down, and sleep soundly. Don’t be afraid of unexpected fear, nor when the suffering of the sinful comes, for Yahweh will be your confidence, and will keep you from being overcome. [27-30] Don’t keep back good from those to whom you owe it, when it’s in your own power to do it. Don’t say to your neighbor “Go, and come back later, and I’ll give it to you tomorrow” when you know you have it right there. Don’t plan evil against your neighbors, seeing they live peacefully beside you. Don’t argue with anyone without a good cause, if they’ve done you no real harm. [31-34] Don’t be jealous of those that keep down others, and don’t choose to follow their ways, for sinful people are disgraceful to Yahweh, but godly people are trusted with the secrets of God. The curse of Yahweh is on the houses of sinful people, but God’s blessings are on the homes of godly people. Surely God looks down on those that make fun of others, but gives grace to those who don’t think too much of themselves. The wise will be praised, but shame will come to stupid people.   4 [1-13] Listen, children, to the training of a parent, and pay attention to grasp my knowledge. I give you good teachings, so don’t give up on my words. Because I was my parents’ child, young and very loved by them, they taught me also, and said to me; Let your heart remember our words, keep our teachings, and live. Get wisdom and understanding, don’t forget it, nor refuse to listen to our words. Don’t give up on it, and it’ll keep you safe, love it and it’ll keep you. Wisdom is the most important thing; so get wisdom, and with all your power get understanding. Honor it, for if you hold on to it, it’ll promote you and bring you respect. It’ll make you a pleasure to see, and make you well known. Listen, children, and learn my sayings; and you’ll have many years in your life. I’ve taught you in the way of wisdom; I’ve led you in the right ways. When you go, your steps won’t be risky; and when you run, you won’t stumble. Hold on to teaching and don’t let it go, but keep it; for it’s your very life. [14-19] Don’t follow the path of the sinful, and don’t go with evil people. Avoid it, don’t even pass by it, turn away from it, and go far away; for they won’t sleep, unless they’ve made some trouble; and they lose sleep, unless they cause someone else to fall away. They live on evil and violence. But the path of godly people is as the sunlight shining, which shines more brightly towards midday. The way of the sinful is like darkness, because they don’t even know what they stumble over. [20-27] Children, pay attention to my words; listen to my sayings. Don’t lose sight of them; keep them in the depths of your heart, for they’re life to those that find them, and health to every part of the body. Keep your heart with focus; for out of it are the matters of life. Put a disrespectful mouth away from you, and put filthy words far from you. Let your eyes focus, and look straight ahead of you. Think about the path your feet will take, and carefully choose everything you do. Don’t turn right or left, but get off of every sinful path.   5 [1-14] Children, pay attention to my wisdom, and listen to my understanding, so that you can know good judgment, and that your words will be words of knowledge. For the words of the ungodly may be as sweet as honey and their mouths may be smoother than oil, but their end is as bitter as vinegar, sharp as a two-edged blade. Their feet lead them to death, their steps taking the path to Hell. Just in case you should wonder about the path of life, the ways of ungodly people change so much, you can’t even know them. So listen to me now, children, and don’t ignore the words of my mouth. Remove yourself far from ungodly people, and don’t come near the door of their houses, or you’ll give your self-respect to others, and your years to cruel people. Strangers will take your wealth and all the benefits of your work will wind up in the house of a stranger; You’ll mourn at last, when your body and your life is used up, saying “How I hated teaching, and my heart hated correction; I haven’t obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor listened to those that warned me! I’m a disgrace to the eyes of everybody.” [15-23] Love your own spouse, and be faithful to your mate. If you have children by others, your family ties will be scattered about. Let them only belong to you and your spouse, and not to another. Let your family be blessed, and celebrate with the spouse of your youth. Let your mate be loving and pleasing, and let only your spouse satisfy you sexually; and always be sexually satisfied with your mate’s love. Why, children, would you want to be satisfied sexually by another, and hold on to a stranger? For the ways of humanity are seen by the eyes of Yahweh, who thinks about every choice we make. The sinful will be taken by their evil habits, and controlled by their own sins. They’ll die without teaching, going astray in their great carelessness.   6 [1-5] Children, if you guarantee the debts of your friends, if you’ve made a commitment for a stranger, and you’re caught by the words of your mouth, you’ve been taken by your own words. Do this now, children, to save yourself; when you come to your friend; go, humble yourself and plead to be freed from the promise you made to your friend. Don’t close your eyes, nor go to sleep, until you free yourself as a deer from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler. [6-10] Go to the ant and think on its ways, and be wise, which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, stores up what it needs in the summer, and gathers its food in the harvest. How long will you sleep, lazy? When will you wake up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest; so your poverty comes as a homeless drifter, and your need as an armed robber. [12-15] Sinful and mischievous people have filthy mouths. They wink their eyes and speak with pacing feet, and teach with waving hands. They plan trouble with sinful hearts, always starting arguments; so their misfortune will come unexpectedly and they’ll be ruined with no escape. [16-19] Yahweh hates six things; yes, seven makes God very angry; Those who think they’re better than others, a lying mouth, murdering hands, a sinful heart that imagines evil things, mischievous feet that are quick to run to trouble, a false witness that tells lies, and those that cause disagreements between family members. [20-24] Children, keep these good things I say, and never give up on these words; Always unite them with your heart, and place them around your neck like a prized medal. When you go, they’ll lead you; when you sleep, they’ll keep you; and when you awake, they’ll talk with you. For everything they say and the rules they make are a lamp and a light; and the lesson they teach, is the way of life to protect you from evil strangers and their lying words. [25-29] Don’t be attracted to an ungodly person in your heart; and don’t let them tease you with their eyes, for by means of sexually immoral people, persons are brought to nothing, and the adulterers will pay with their very life. Can people put fire to their bodies, and their clothes not be burned? Can someone walk on hot ashes, and their feet not be burned? Those that behave adulterously are like this; whoever touches another’s spouse won’t be found innocent. [30-35] Don’t hate thieves, if they’re stealing because they’re hungry; but if they’re caught, they must give back seven times whatever they took and will have to give everything they own if necessary. But whoever commits adultery is stupid because they destroy their own souls. They’ll only get hurt and disrespect; and their shame won’t ever be forgotten, because the person offended rages with jealousy. They won’t spare you when they come to take revenge on you, and won’t be persuaded or be at peace, even if you give them many gifts.       7 [1-5] Children, keep my words, and remember my teachings. Keep my rules, and live; keep my words as your favorite songs. Wear them as rings on your fingers; write them on the pages of your heart. Say to wisdom, you are my family; and call understanding your kin also, so that they can keep you from falling for the words of ungodly people, who only tell you what you want to hear. [6-22] At the window of my house I looked through the glass and saw among the young people, some without good sense, who passing through the street near the corner, went to a house at dusk and again at midnight, where devious persons that were dressed in seductive clothes met them; (It was those who are loud and stubborn, never staying home, and that come into the streets to wait at the corners.) So they caught them, and kissed them, and with bold faces said to them, “Today is our payday and we have plenty of food for a party.  So we came to meet you, and now, we’ve found you. We’ve made our beds with fine linens and bedclothes, and perfumed them with fragrances. Come on; let’s make love till morning, pacifying ourselves with our lovers.  For our spouses aren’t at home, and have gone out of town, taking their money with them, and won’t be home for a few days.” So with their seductiveness they caused those immature people to give in, coercing them with the words they wanted to hear. The young people followed after them like animals going to the slaughter, or as criminals to the correction of jail; till they contracted deadly diseases; and just like a bird rushes into a trap, they don’t know that it will cost them their life. [24-27] So listen to me now, children, and pay attention to my words. Don’t let your heart turn to these ways and go astray, for they’ve wounded many; yes, many strong people have died by these ways. This way quickly leads to death and Hell.   8 [1-9] Doesn’t wisdom cry out? And understanding call out? They stand at the top of the hills, and along the ways, crying out at the city limits, at the entrance of the city, at the opening of the doors of public places, saying “I call to all people; and my voice is to all humanity. You immature and stupid people; know wisdom and have an understanding heart. Listen; what I say will be good and excellent things. What I say is the truth; for evil is a disgrace to me. Goodness is in all my words; there’s nothing evil or filthy in them. They’re clear to those that understand, and right to those that want to find knowledge.      [10-13] Receive my teachings, and don’t look for money; look for knowledge rather than great wealth, for wisdom is better than expensive jewels and nothing you can want can be compared to it. I, wisdom, live with responsibility and find out the truth about shrewd lies. The respect of Yahweh is to hate evil, so I hate those who are proud and think too highly of themselves, the evil things they do, and the lies they tell.      [14-19] Counsel is Mine, and sound wisdom, so My understanding has strength. By Me, rulers reign and governments make laws of justice. By Me, those who rule in the governments, the public figures, and all the judges of the earth are in power. I love those that love Me; and those that look for Me while they’re young will find Me. Worldly goods and respect are with Me; yes, lasting riches and goodness. My profit’s better than gold, yes, than fine gold; and My income is better than great wealth.      [20-31] I lead in the way of goodness, clearly in the ways of good judgment, so that I can cause those that love me to gain worldly goods; so that I can fill their treasuries. Before creation, I belonged to Yahweh. I existed from eternity, from the beginning, even before the earth was created. When there were no seas, I existed; when there were no rivers flowing with water, I came to be, even before the hills and mountains were settled. When God had not yet made the earth, or the fields, or even the smallest particle of the dust of the earth; when Yahweh prepared the heavens and set the extent of the oceans, I was there. When God created the clouds above and strengthened the sources of the oceans; when Yahweh gave the word to the sea that the waters shouldn’t pass its limits; when God appointed the foundations of the earth, then I was beside Yahweh, as one brought up with God and I was a daily happiness, always celebrating before the Creator; celebrating in the habitable part of the earth; and my happiness was with humanity.      [32-36] Now listen to me, children; for I’ll bless those that keep my ways. Listen to my teaching, and be wise, and don’t refuse it. I’ll bless those that listen to me, all those that daily watch at my gateway, and wait at my doorposts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will find the grace of Yahweh. But those that sin against me wrong their own soul; all those that hate me will find death.”   9 [1-12] Wisdom has built a Place of Worship with seven pillars. The meat is ready, the wine is mixed, and the table is set. The maids have been sent out, who call out from the highest places of the city, “Whoever is ignorant, let them turn in here,” and as for those that lack understanding, they say to them, “Come, eat the food of wisdom, and drink the wine it has mixed.” Leave stupid people, and live; and follow the way of understanding. Those that try to warn a person who argues will only get shamed, and those that counsel a sinful one will be found guilty, so don’t warn troublemakers, or they’ll only hate you, but if you counsel wise people, they’ll love you for it. Teach wise people, and they’recome wiser; teach godly people, and they grow in learning. The respect of Yahweh is to open up the mind to wisdom, and to have the knowledge of the holy is to have true understanding. For by this wisdom your days will be many, and you’ll have long life. If you’re wise, you’ll be careful what you do, but if you show hatred, you alone will suffer for it. [13-18] An ignorant person is loud, stupid, and knows nothing. They sit at the doors of their houses, in the prominent places of the city, to call to those who go by on their way, saying to them, “Whoever is immature, let them turn in here,” and as for those that lack understanding, they say to them, “Stolen pleasures are sweet, and secret affairs are pleasant.” But those stupid people don’t know that the dead are there; and that the guests of those houses are in the depths of Hell.   10 [1-5] These are the sayings of Solomon. A wise child makes a parent glad, but a stupid one is a parent’s heartache. Riches gained from evil actions will profit nothing, but goodness saves from death. Yahweh won’t allow the soul of godly people to suffer need, but God throws away the things of the sinful. Those that act carelessly become poor, but the hard working people do well. Those that work hard are wise, but those that sleep while there’s work to be done cause shame. [6-10] Godly people are happy, but violence is in the words of the sinful. The memory of godly people is blessed, but the name of the sinful will be forgotten. The wise of heart will learn, but an unwise person will quickly fall when they’re accused and punished. Those that do what’s right walk unquestionably, but those that do what’s wrong will be exposed for who they are. Those that play pranks, winking their eyes and joking, only cause trouble, but an unwise person who is accused will unexpectedly fall. [11-14] The words of a good person refresh the lives of those around them, but violence fills the words of the sinful. Hatred stirs up trouble, but love protects against all sins. Wisdom is found in the words of those that have understanding, but a good whipping is for the backside of those that have no understanding. The wise will get more knowledge, but the words of stupid people will soon destroy them. [15-21] The wealth of rich people is their defense, but poverty destroys the poor. The actions of godly people bring life, but the practices of the sinful are evil. Those that keep the ways of a good up-bringing walk in the way of life, but those that refuse to be corrected greatly err. Those that hide hatred with lying words and character attacks are stupid. Sin is found in many words, but those that stop themselves from speaking too quickly are wise. The mouth of godly people is as great wealth, but the hearts of the sinful are worthless. The words of godly people encourage many, but stupid people die for lack of wisdom. [22-26] The blessing of Yahweh makes people rich and no sorrow comes with that treasure. It’s athinking to a stupid person to cause trouble, but those of understanding have good judgment. Whatever the sinful fear will come to pass, but godly people will be given what they want. The sinful will be wiped out as they would by a passing hurricane, but godly people have a shelter with a strong foundation. As smoke is to the eyes or bitter drink to the tongue, so are lazy people to those that hire them. [27-32] The respect of Yahweh will prolong days, but the years of the sinful will be cut short. The hope of godly people will be happiness, but the prospects of the sinful won’t last. The way of Yahweh is strength to godly people, but the sinful will be destroyed. Godly people will never be moved out of their place, but the sinful won’t ever be settled in the earth. The mouth of godly people is filled with words of wisdom, but the lying mouth won’t have an answer. Godly people know what’s acceptable to say, but the words of the sinful speak nothing but empty lies.   11 [1-9] Misleading business practices are an offense to Yahweh, but fairness is pleasing. When someone has a proud look on their face, then shame soon follows, but those who don’t think too much of themselves have wisdom. Goodness will be the guide of godly people, but the filthiness of the sinful will destroy them. Riches won’t profit in the day of anger, but goodness saves from death. The goodness of the godly will direct their steps, but the sinful will fall by their own sins. Goodness will save godly people, but the sinful will be taken in their own naughtiness. When sinful people die, their prospects die with them and their hope passes away. Godly people are saved out of trouble, and the sinful ones take their place. The words of hypocrites destroy others, but through knowledge, godly people are saved from out of their troubles. [10-13] The city celebrates when godly people do well, and when the sinful die, there’s a happy outcry. Cities are made known through the blessings of God’s people, but they’re overthrown by the words of the sinful. Those that lack wisdom hate others, but those of understanding hold their peace. A gossip reveals private matters, but those that are faithful won’t tell things, that to speak of, aren’t right. [14-19] The people are overcome where there are no counselors, but with enough counselors there is wellbeing. Those that act as a guarantor for the ungodly will pay for it, and those who don’t act as security have nothing to loose. Gracious people keep their respect as powerful people keep their riches. The merciful do well for their own soul, but cruel people trouble themselves. The sinful do lying things, but those who do what’s right will certainly be repaid. As goodness brings life, so those that do what’s evil bring about their own deaths. [20-23] Yahweh is greatly offended by those that have sinful hearts, but those that do what’s right are God’s pleasure. Though hand joins in hand, the sinful won’t go unpunished, but the children of godly people will have freedom. As a gold ring would be in a hog’s snout, so are attractive people that are without good judgment. Godly people want good things only, but the prospects of the sinful are only looking for violence. [24-27] There are those that give much, and yet increase all the more; and there are those that keep more than necessary, but it only leads them to poverty. The generous soul will be made plentiful, and those that restore others will be restored themselves. The people will curse those that horde food, but those that sell it to them will be blessed. Those that are careful to look for good will find grace, but those that look for trouble will find it. [28-30] Those that trust in their worldly goods will fall like a winter leaf, but godly people will do well as a budding branch in spring. Those that trouble their own family will inherit nothing but the wind, and for their stupidity, they will serve smarter people than themselves. The harvest of godly people is life-giving; for those that win souls are very wise. Watch and see; if godly people are rewarded on the earth, how much more the ungodly sinners will be repaid in this life, as well.   12 [1-3] Whoever loves to be taught loves knowledge, but those that hate to be corrected are rebellious sinners. Godly people find the grace of Yahweh, but God will condemn those that make sinful plans against others. People won’t be settled by doing evil, and godly people won’t ever be moved out of their place. [4-8] Respectable mates are a blessing to their spouses, but those that make them ashamed are very hurtful to their souls. The thoughts of the respectable are right, but the advice of the sinful is nothing but lies. The words of the sinful are deadly criticisms, but the words of godly people bring life. The sinful will be overthrown, and will die, but godly people will stay in their homes. People will be praised according to their wisdom, but those who have evil hearts will be hated. [9-12] Those that are virtually unknown but employ a servant are better than those that make pretense and have need. Good people think on the lives of their animals, but the mercies of the sinful are nothing but cruelty. Those that work hard will be satisfied with their pay, but those that follow people who make empty promises lack understanding. The sinful want the profit of evil people, but the work of godly people pays well. [13-20] Sinful people are trapped in the sinfulness of their own words, but godly people will overcome their troubles. People will be satisfied with the good their words bring, and the reward of their work will be given to them. The ways of stupid people may be right in their own eyes, but those that listen to good counsel are truly wise. A stupid person’s anger is quickly known, but a sensible person guards against the embarrassment of careless words. Those that speak truth show what’s the right thing to do, but a liar shows the wrong thing to do. There are sinful people whose words pierce like a blade, but the words of wise people bring healthy emotions to everybody. The words of truth will be settled forever, but those who lie will only have their way a little while. Lies are in the hearts of those that imagine evil, but the counselors of peace have happiness. [21-23] No lasting damage will happen to godly people, but the sinful will be filled with their fair share of hurt. Yahweh hates liars, but those that are truthful are God’s happiness. A cautious person hides knowledge until the right time to make it known, but the heart of stupid people makes all its stupidity quickly known. [24-28] The hand of a hard working person will be promoted to leadership, but lazy workers will always be controlled. Sadness in the heart of people overwhelms them, but a good word makes them glad. Godly people are more worthy of praise than others, but evil ways will seduce the sinful. Lazy people don’t roast what they take in hunting, but whatever a hard working person has is precious. Goodness is the way to life; and there is no death when you go that way.   13 [1-3] Smart children listen to their parent’s teachings, but the disobedient ignore the wisdom of their parent’s words. People will do well by the good their words bring, but the souls of the sinful will live on violence. Those that guard the words of their mouth will save their lives, but those that don’t know how to keep their mouths closed will destroy themselves. [4-9] The soul of the lazy wants everything and has nothing, but the soul of hard working people will have plenty. Good people hate lying, but sinful people are hateful, and will come to shame. Goodness keeps those that are good in the way, but evil overthrows the sinner. There are those that save up their money to become rich, yet they have nothing of real value, and there are those that give so sacrificially that they’recome poor, yet they have great riches. The rich will give all they have for a ransom to save their life, but the poor have no need to worry. The light of godly people burns brightly, but the fire of the sinful will be put out. [10-12] Arguments come only by pride, but the sensible have great wisdom. Wealth gotten by chasing after empty dreams will disappear, but those that earn by working hard will increase their income. Hope postponed makes one sick at heart, but when the wanted thing comes, it brings life-giving happiness. [13-19] Whoever hates the Word of Yahweh will be destroyed, but those that respect the Word of God will be rewarded. The words of the wise are the way to life, to escape from deadly traps. Good understanding gives grace, but the sinful will have a hard life. All sensible people will argue knowledgeably, but stupid people only show their stupidity. A lying news bearer gets into trouble, but a faithful spokesperson is a great help. Those that refuse to be taught will become poor and be ashamed, but those that listen to correction will be respected. When a goal is reached, it’s sweet to the soul, but stupid people don’t want to give up their evil ways. [20-25] Those that walk with wise people will become smarter, but a friend of stupid people will be destroyed by lack of wisdom. Evil chases after the sinful, but good will come back to godly people. Godly people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the wealth of the sinful will be given to more respectable people. The poor make the food in their pantry last a long time, but there are those that starve by lack of judgment. The parents that neglect the discipline of their children don’t really care about them, but those that love them punish them when necessary. Godly people eat till they’re full, but the belly of the sinful will be hungry.   14 [1-4] Wise people build up their houses, but stupid people destroy them with their own hands. Those that live honestly respect Yahweh, but those who have filthy ways hate God. Too much pride is in the words of stupid people, but the words of wise people save them. A place is clean where there aren’t any animals, but wherever they are will do well. [5-9] A faithful witness won’t lie, but a false witness will speak many lies. A troublemaker looks for wisdom, and doesn’t find it, but knowledge comes easy to those of understanding. Leave the place of stupid people, when you don’t find the words of knowledge in them. The wisdom of the sensible is to understand their way, but stupid people are made stupid by their lying. Stupid people mock at sin, but godly people show grace to those who change their ways. [10-14] No one can know a person’s sadness but their own heart; and no one can take someone else’s happiness. The houses of the sinful will be overthrown, but the home of godly people will do well. Sinful ways may seem right to people, but their end only brings death. Even in laughter, some hearts are sorrowful; and in the end, their partying is hopeless. The hearts of those who won’t change their ways will be filled with their own evil, and godly people will be happy with themselves. [15-19] Stupid people believe every word they’re told, but sensible people are cautious in their ways. Wise people fear and stop doing evil things, but stupid people rant and rave and are quite sure of themselves. Those who quickly get angry act stupidly, and those who make sinful plans are hated. The immature only become more stupid, but the sensible are rewarded with knowledge. The evil will be brought low before the good; the sinful are stopped at the gates of godly people. [20-24] The poor are hated even by their own neighbors, but the rich will have many friends. It’s a sin to hate your neighbor, but those that have mercy on the poor are happy. It’s wrong to make evil plans, but mercy and truth will come to those that plan good things. Any kind of working will bring income, but only talking about it leads to poverty. The reward of wise people is their worldly goods, but thoughtless people are stupid. [25-30] A true witness saves souls, but a false witness speaks lies. The faithful have a strong confidence in Yahweh, and their children will have a safe place to live. The respect of Yahweh is the source of life, in which to escape from deadly traps. A ruler’s respect is in the number of people who give them their support, but a government is destroyed by a lack of people to support them. Those that are slow to become angry are of great understanding, but those who are quick tempered show nothing but their own stupidity. A sensible heart brings life to the body, but jealousy makes one wastes away. [31-35] Those that keep down the poor blame their Creator, but those that respect God have mercy on the poor. The sinful are driven away in their evil, but godly people have the hope of everlasting life even in their death. Wisdom rests in the heart of those that have understanding, but those that stay with stupid people will be shown to be stupid themselves. Goodness brings respect to a nation, but sin is a shame to any people. Wise people will be favored by rulers, but the anger of rulers will be against those who cause shame.   15 [1-5] A thoughtful answer calms anger, but severe words only stir it up. The mouths of wise people use knowledge rightly, but the words of stupid people pour out stupidity. The eyes of Yahweh are everywhere, seeing the evil and the good. A clean mouth is life-giving, but a filthy mouth abuses the spirit. Stupid people hate their parent’s teaching, but those that think about a warning are sensible. [6-10] Great wealth is in the home of godly people; but much trouble comes with the income of sinful people. The words of wise people give knowledge, but there is no knowledge in the heart of stupid people. The offerings of the sinful are an insult to God, but the prayers of godly people please Yahweh. The ways of the sinful are an insult to Yahweh, but God loves those who do what’s right. Correction is terrible to those that leave God’s way, and those that hate correction will die. [11-15] If Hell and the grave are looked at closely by Yahweh, how much more then are the hearts of people? The disobedient never love those that warn them, and they won’t go to wise people for advice. A happy heart makes a smiling face, but a heart full of sorrow shatters the spirit. The hearts of those that have understanding look for knowledge, but the words of stupid people live on stupidity. All the days of abused people are horrible, but those that have a happy heart always indulge on the good things in their heart. [16-19] It’s better to have little wealth with the respect of Yahweh than to have great treasure with much difficulty. It’s better to have a dinner of herbs where love is, than to have a side of beef and hatred along with it. Angry people stir up trouble, but those who keep calm will quiet down arguments. The way of lazy people is blocked off like a hedge of thorns, but the way of godly people is a clear path. [20-23] A wise child makes a parent glad, but stupid children hate their parents. Stupidity is funny to those who have no wisdom, but those of understanding do what’s right. Good intentions will fall through without counsel, but with wise advisors one’s purposes will come to pass. Their answers will make people happy; a word spoken at just the right time is so good! [24-27] To the wise, the way of life is to look for heaven above, so that they can escape from Hell beneath. Yahweh will destroy the house of those who think they’re better than others, but God will make the boundary of the single parent safe. The thoughts of the sinful are an insult to Yahweh, but the words of the innocent are pleasant. Those that are greedy for money will trouble their own household; but those that hate bribery will live. [28-33] The hearts of godly people think before answering, but the words of angry people pour out sinful things. Yahweh is far away from the sinful, but hears the prayers of godly people. Happiness in the eyes makes the heart celebrate, and a good word brings health. Those who listen to the correction of life are wise people. Those that refuse training hate their own soul, but those that listen to correction receive understanding. The teaching of wisdom shows respect for Yahweh; but you must humble yourself before gaining respect.   16 [1-6] The plans of the heart and the answers of the mouth are from Yahweh. The acts of human beings may be right in their own eyes; but Yahweh tests the intentions of their spirits. Commit every thing you do to Yahweh, and your thoughts will be settled. Yahweh, You’ve made all things for Yourself; yes, even sinful people for Judgment Day. All those who think they’re better than others are an insult to Yahweh; though hand joins in hand, they won’t go unpunished. [6-9] By mercy and truth sin is removed, and by the respect of Yahweh people stop doing evil things. When a person’s ways please Yahweh, even their enemies are at peace with them. It’s better to have little wealth and do what’s right than great income without any right to it. People’s hearts plan their ways, but Yahweh directs all their steps. [10-15] The words of wise rulers make fair judgments; their mouths never speak with poor judgment. Honesty in business practices comes from Yahweh; every fair business decision is directed by God. It’s an insult to wise rulers to do evil; their reign is strengthened by doing what’s right. Leaders take pleasure in good words; and God loves those that say what’s right. The anger of rulers is like a death sentence, but a wise person will calm it down. Life is in the way a ruler looks at someone; and the ruler’s grace is as a cloud bringing spring rain. [16-19] It’s so much better to get wisdom than gold and to get understanding rather than silver! The highway of godly people exits from the way of evil; those that keep going in the right direction will save their souls. Those who think themselves better than others will be ruined and brought down. It’s better to don’t think too much of themselves of spirit with those of lower class, than to divide lots of money with those who think they’re better than others. [20-25] Those that handle a matter wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in Yahweh will find peace. The wise-hearted will be called sensible and others will learn from their agreeable words. Understanding is a source of life to those that have it, but what stupid people learn is nothing but more stupidity. The heart teaches wise people what words to say. Pleasant words are agreeable to the soul, and bring health to the body. Though sinful ways may seem right to a person, the end of it only leads to death. [26-30] Those that work are only working for themselves because their hunger drives them. Ungodly people stir up evil, and their words are like a fire that burns up everything. Sinful people start trouble, and gossips divide best friends. Violent people tempt others, and lead them into ways that aren’t good. They imagine sinful things, and use their words to bring the evil to pass. [31-33] Silver hair is a crown of light, if it’s gotten by living right. Those that are even-tempered are better than the powerful; and those that rule their own spirit than those who can take a whole city hostage. Though the coin is flipped by chance, the side it lands on is guided by Yahweh.   17 [1-4] A scrap of food with peace is better than a house full of everything you need with trouble. A wise caretaker will manage a child that causes shame, and will have part of the inheritance among the children. Silver and gold are refined by heat, but Yahweh purifies the heart. A sinner listens to false words; and a liar listens to naughtiness. [5-8] Whoever ridicules the poor blames their Creator, and those who are pleased about the bad things that happen to others won’t go unpunished. Grandchildren are the respect of elderly people; and parents are the praise of their children. A great speech doesn’t suit a stupid person any more than lying words do a ruler. A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of the one that has it; wherever it turns up, it do wells. [9-12] Those that overlook a sin look for love; but those that gossip about it can separate the closest of friends. A single correction enters more into a wise person than an hundred whippings into a stupid person. Evil people look only for rebellion, so an unmerciful spokesperson with bad news will be sent to them. A person is better off meeting a bear robbed of her cubs than meeting a stupid person with no sense. [13-15] Whoever returns evil for good, evil will stay in their house. The beginning of trouble is like when one releases water out of a dam; so shut off hateful words before they gush out. Those who say that sinful people are right and the innocent are wrong, both of them are insults to Yahweh. [16-18] Why will a stupid person pay any amount of money to get an education, yet learn nothing from it? A friend loves unconditionally, while families are born for trouble. People with no understanding shake hands, and put up collateral for their friends debts. [19-21] Those that love sin also love trouble, and those that build high gates invite a break-in. Those who have sinful hearts find no good, and those who have filthy mouths get themselves into trouble. Those that bring along stupid people do it to their own sorrow, and the parents of a stupid child have no happiness. [22-25] A merry heart is good for your health like medicine, but continual depression is like a slow death. Wicked people give bribes in order to keep the law from being carried out fairly. Wisdom is the aim of those that have understanding; but a stupid person’s eyes wander freely. Stupid children are a grief to their parents, and bitterness to those that gave birth to them. [26-28] It’sn’t right to put good people in jail, nor to condemn officers for being fair. Those that have knowledge are careful with their words, and those of understanding are peaceful. Even stupid people that hold their peace are thought to be smart, and those that hold their tongues are believed to be people of understanding.   18 [1-3] Those that have set themselves apart search for wisdom and always brag about their knowledge trying to get what they want. Those who are stupid have no happiness in understanding anything but their own heart. When sinful people come, then hatred also comes, and with their shame comes a warning. [4-8] The words of a person’s mouth are as dangerous as deep waters, but the source of wisdom is like a flowing creek. It’sn’t good to accept the word of a sinful person, in order to judge godly people and overthrow them. A stupid person’s words bring disagreements, and their mouths call for punishment. The words of stupid mouths destroy and the trap them. The words of a gossip are as wounds, and cause ulcers to form in the inner parts of the belly. [9-12] Those that are lazy in their work are like those who waste things. The Name of Yahweh is a safe haven; godly people will safely hide in it. Rich people think their wealth will save them; they’re pride divides them from others like a high wall. The hearts of people are proud before they’re destroyed; but humility must come before respect. [13-15] Those that answer a matter before they fully hear it, are stupid and it only brings shame on them. The strength of the spirit will keep a person safe in their illness; but a wounded spirit can save no one. The hearts of sensible people grasp knowledge and the ears of wise people listen for knowledge. [16-18] A person who brings a gift will be allowed into the presence of great people. Those that take up their own cause first seem right; but someone else will come and investigate them thoroughly. The flip of a coin stops arguments, and decides between the most powerful. [19-21] An offended family member is harder to be won over than a whole city and their disagreements are like the bars of a mansion. A person’s belly will be filled by what their own words say; they’re filled with the results of their words. Life and death are in the power of one’s words, and those that love the words of their own mouth will suffer the consequences of them. [22-24] Whoever finds a spouse finds a good thing, and finds the grace of Yahweh. The poor begs; but the rich answers them roughly. People that want to have friends must show themselves friendly, and God is a friend that sticks closer than blood kin.   19 [1-3] The poor who do what’s right are better than those who are filthy in their words and act stupidly. It’sn’t good for someone to be without knowledge; and those who act too quickly will sin. The stupidity of people makes their ways evil, and their hearts fight against Yahweh. [4-6] Wealth makes many friends; but the poor are separated even from their neighbors. A false witness that speaks lies won’t go unpunished, nor escape. Many will ask for the grace of a ruler, and everybody is a friend to those that give gifts. [7-9] If the whole family of a poor person hates them; how much more will their friends leave them? Even though they keep on calling them, they won’t be answered by them. Those that find wisdom love their own soul; those that keep their understanding will find good. A false witness won’t be unpunished, and those that speak lies will eventually die and come to judgment. [10-12] It’sn’t fitting for stupid people to enjoy themselves; much less for a worker to succeed to a position over a ruler. The good judgment of people holds back their anger; and it’s to their praise to forgive a sin against them. The ruler’s anger is like the loud roaring of a lion; but their grace is as refreshing as the dew on the grass. [13-15] Stupid children are the misfortune of their parents, and the constant disapproval of a spouse is like a faucet that always drips. A house and worldly goods are the inheritance of parents and a sensible spouse is from Yahweh. Laziness brings a deep sleep; and a lazy person will suffer hunger. [16-18] Those that keep the Words of Yahweh keep their own soul; but those that hate them will die. Those that give to the poor lend to Yahweh; and what they’ve given, God will repay again. Correct your children while there is still hope, and don’t let yourself spare them because of their tears. [19-21] People of great anger will suffer punishment, but if you save them from the consequences, you’ll have to do it over and over. Listen to good counsel, and learn, so that you can be wise in the end of your days. There are many plans in a person’s heart; yet the Words of Yahweh will stand. [22-24] People want kindness, and a poor person has more kindness than a liar. The respect of Yahweh leads to life, and those that have it will be satisfied and won’t be troubled by evil. Lazy people pat their bellies, and won’t so much as bring their hand to their mouth again. [25-29] Punish a troublemaker, and the youthful will think twice; warn those that have understanding and they’ll know what’s right. Those that misuse and abuse their parents, chasing them away, are the children that cause shame and bring blame on them. Children, stop listening to those who teach lies, who mislead you from the words of knowledge. An ungodly witness mocks judgment, and the words of evil people live on sin. Troublemakers will come to judgment and the backsides of stupid people will be whipped.   20 [1-3] Wine mocks people in the end and strong alcoholic drinks make them rage in anger. Whoever is tempted by alcohol is unwise. A fearsome ruler is like a roaring lion; whoever makes them angry sins against their own soul. It’s an honor for people to end their fighting, but every stupid person will have the last word. [4-6] Lazy people won’t work because of the cold; so they’ll beg on payday, and get nothing. Good counsel in the heart of a person is like water in a deep well; but those of understanding will draw it out. Most people will loudly brag about their own goodness, but who can find a faithful person? [7-9] People who are fair do what’s right and their children will be blessed by them. A ruler that sits in the seat of judgment makes a person stop their evil ways with a look of the eyes. Who can say, I’ve made my heart clean, I’m innocent from my sin? [10-12] Unequal pay and dishonest business practices are both an insult to Yahweh. Even children are known by their behaviors, whether their actions are innocent and right or not. Yahweh makes ears to hear and eyes to see. [13-15] Don’t love sleep, or you’ll become poor; open your eyes and you’ll be thankful for what you have. This is no deal, this is no deal, the buyers say, but when they leave, they brag to themselves that it was a real bargain. There is gold, and many rubies, but the words of knowledge are as precious as jewels. [16-18] Take the shirt off the back of those that guarantee a debt for an untrustworthy person; take a payment from them for the ungodly. The food of lies is sweet to people; but later their mouths will be filled with grit. All purposes are settled by good counsel, so only challenge someone with good advice. [19-21] Those that gossip reveal private matters; so don’t hang out with those that only tell you what you want to hear. Whoever curses their parents, will be put out in the darkest night. An inheritance can be gotten too quickly at the beginning; but it won’t be blessed in the end. [22-24] Don’t say, “I’ll get even for the evil done to me;” but wait on Yahweh to save you. Unequal pay is an insult to Yahweh; and dishonest business practices aren’t good. A person’s direction is of Yahweh; so how can they then understand their own way? [25-27] It’s a trap to those that take of what’s holy, and only after making a promise, ask about it. A wise ruler makes the sinful run away, and destroys them. The spirit of a person is the light of Yahweh, which searches the innermost soul. [28-30] Mercy and truth saves rulers and their rule is upheld by mercy. Strength is the praise of young people, and the loveliness of elderly people is their grey heads. As the bruises of an injury disperses a wound; so a whipping cleanses the inmost soul.   21 [1-3] A ruler’s heart is in the hand of Yahweh; it turns according to the will of God just like the water in a river. A person’s ways may be right in their own eyes, but Yahweh thinks about what’s in their heart. Doing what’s right and having good judgment is more acceptable to Yahweh than making offerings. [4-6] A self-important look, and a proud heart, and the actions of the ungodly, are all sinful. The thoughts of the careful make much of what they have; but those that act too quickly will lack what they need. Riches gotten by a lying mouth are useless to those who only look for their own death. [7-9] The thefts of the sinful will destroy them; because they refuse to recognize right from wrong. The ways of evil people are sinful and shocking, but the acts of the innocent are right. It’s better to stay in a corner of the attic, than with an angry person in a fine house. [10-12] The soul of the sinful hopes for evil to happen to others and they have no grace for them. When the troublemaker is punished, the youthful are made wiser, and when sensible people are taught, they get smarter. Good people wisely think on the household of the sinful; because God overthrows them for their evil. [13-15] Whoever doesn’t listen to the cry of the poor, will also cry, and won’t be heard. A surprise gift pacifies strong anger as a bribe in the pocket keeps someone from being punished. It’s a pleasure to fair people to judge rightly, but those who practice sin will be destroyed. [16-18] Those that wander from true knowledge will live as the dead. Those that love pleasure, alcohol, and fine foods will be poor and not rich. The sinful will take the punishment for respectable and godly people. [19-21] It’s better to stay in the countryside, than with an angry person who always starts arguments. There are pleasing treasures in the homes of wise people; but stupid people spend all their money on empty pleasures. Those that do what’s right and have mercy will find life, justice, and respect. [22-24] A wise person overwhelms the confidence of a strong person. Whoever guards the words of their mouth keeps their soul from trouble. Those that act in prideful anger are troublemakers who think themselves better than others. [25-27] Lazy people refuse to work and their needs overwhelm them, while they greedily crave things all day long. But godly people give generously without sparing. The offerings of the sinful are an insult to God and all the more, when they bring it with lies. [28-31] Though a false witness dies, the people that heard the matter will continue to tell it. Sinful people have stubborn faces, but godly people change their ways when they realize their wrong. There’s no wisdom, nor understanding, nor counsel against Yahweh. Soldiers are ready for the day of battle, but their safety is of Yahweh.   22 [1-4] Choose a good name rather than great riches, and loving grace rather than silver and gold. The rich and poor gather together because Yahweh is the Creator of them all. Sensible people foresee evil and leave, but the immature go on and are caught in their ignorance. Worldly goods, respect, and life come by humility and the respect of Yahweh. [5-7] The way of the sinful is always blocked, but those that keep themselves from sin won’t be stopped by anything. Train your children in the way they should go, and when they’re old, they won’t leave from it. The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is indebted to the lender. [8-10] Those that keep on sinning are useless, and their strong anger won’t get anything done. Those that give much will be blessed; for they give of their own food to the poor. Throw out the troublemaker, and arguments will leave as well; yes, fighting and blame will come to an end. [11-13] The ruler will befriend those that love a heart of innocence for their graceful words. The eyes of Yahweh save those with knowledge, and defeat the lies of the sinner. Lazy people say, “There’s danger outside; I’ll be killed in the streets if I go out.” [14-16] The mouths of ungodly people are like deep graves in which those who Yahweh hates will fall in. Stupidity is fixed in the hearts of children; but a whipping will drive it out of them. Those that keep down the poor to increase their own worldly goods, and those that bribe the rich, will surely become poor. [17-21] Listen to me and hear the words of a wise person, and apply your heart to my knowledge. It’s a pleasant thing if you keep them within you; they’ll be restated by your own words. I’ve made them known to you today, so that your trust can be in Yahweh. Have I not written great things to you with good counsel and knowledge, so that I might make you clearly know the words of truth and that you’ll answer with the words of truth to those that ask of you? [22-25] Don’t steal from the poor, because they’re poor; nor keep down those who are suffering in the city, because Yahweh will plead their case, and ruin the one that destroys them. Have no friendship with angry people; never go along with those who are angry or you’ll learn their ways, and your soul will be trapped. [26-29] Don’t be one of those who accept credit, building up great debts. If you can’t pay it back, they’ll take away your own bed from under you. Don’t ignore the rules, which your parents have set. Hard working people will stand before rulers and many of their superiors.   23 [1-8] When you sit to eat with a superior, carefully think about what’s before you and put a blade to your throat, if you’re one with an appetite. Don’t want their fine foods; for they’re of no value. Don’t work to get rich, but put an end to your own judgment. Don’t set your eyes on what you don’t have, for worldly goods certainly make themselves wings and fly away as an eagle toward heaven. Don’t eat the food of those that have evil in their eyes, nor want their fine foods; For they’re just as they think in their heart; “Eat and drink,” they say to you; but their hearts aren’t really with you. That which you’ve eaten you’ll vomit up, and you’ll lose your sweet words. [9-11] Don’t speak to stupid people; for they’ll hate the wisdom of your words. Don’t remove the old boundary lines; and don’t break into the property of a single parent’s child; for their Savior is powerful and will plead their case against you. [12-16] Apply your heart to good teaching, and your ears to the words of knowledge. Don’t withhold firm discipline from your children; for if you whip them with a switch when they need it, they won’t die. If you whip them with the switch to correct them, you’ll save their soul from Hell. Children, if your heart is wise, my heart will celebrate. Yes, my control will relax and I’ll be cheerful when your words speak good things. [17-21] Don’t let your heart be jealous of the sinful, but respect Yahweh always. For surely there’s an end to evil things; and your hope won’t be a disappointment. Listen, children, and be wise, and guide your heart in the way of Yahweh. Don’t be found among drunks or among partying gluttons; because the drunkard and the glutton will both become poor, and for their laziness they will be clothed with rags. [22-25] Listen to your parents who created you, and don’t hate them when they’re old. Find the truth, and don’t throw it away; keep wisdom, good teaching, and understanding, also. The parents of godly people will greatly celebrate, and those that have wise children will enjoy them. Your parents that created you will be glad and celebrate. [26-28] Children, give me your heart, and let your eyes watch what I do. For those who are sexually unfaithful are like a deep ditch; and the ungodly are like a narrow grave, all waiting for innocent victims, and increasing the sinful people. [29-35] Those that drink alcohol and look for mixed drinks have suffering and sorrow, are easily angered, and babble unintelligibly! They have wounds with no explanation and bloodshot eyes! So don’t stare at red wine when it swirls and sparkles in the glass, because in the end it poisons like a snake, and hurts like a snakebite. Your eyes will see ungodly things, and your mouth will speak filthy things. You’ll be as those that sink in the depths of the sea, like those that have gone to sleep in the crow’s nest of a ship. “They’ve injured me,” you’ll say, and “I wasn’t dizzy; they’ve beaten me, and I didn’t feel it; when will I awake so I can have another drink.”   24 [1-4] Don’t be jealous of evil people, nor want to be with them, because their heart only destroys and they talk with mischievous words. A home is built through wisdom; and it’s settled by understanding, and by knowledge the rooms will all be filled with pleasing and precious things. [5-9] Wise people are strong; yes, those with knowledge become stronger, because they challenge only with good advice, and with many counselors they’re safe. Wisdom is too great for stupid people; they don’t dare open their mouths in public. Those that plan ways to do evil will be called mischievous persons. Stupid thoughts are sinful, and troublemakers are an insult to everybody. [10-12] You have little strength if you faint in the day of trouble. If you don’t try to save those that are about to kill themselves, and those that are about to die; saying, “See, we didn’t know it;” doesn’t Yahweh who searches the heart think on it? And won’t the God who keeps your soul know it and give to every person according to their own acts? [13-14] Children, the knowledge of wisdom will be as sweet to your soul as eating honey or a honeycomb for it’s sweet taste; and when you’ve found it, there’ll be a sweet reward, and your hopes won’t be disappointed. [15-16] Sinners don’t stalk outside the homes of godly people; don’t destroy their resting place, because even if a good person falls seven times, they’ll rise up again, while the sinful will wallow in their trouble. Don’t celebrate when your enemy falls, and don’t let your heart be glad whenever they stumble, or Yahweh will see it, and be displeased, and not be angry at them anymore. [19-20] Don’t trouble yourself because of evil people, nor be jealous of the sinful, because there’ll be no reward for them and their lives will be snuffed out like a candle. Children, respect Yahweh! Respect rulers and don’t mess with those that are unpredictable, for their misfortune will come unexpectedly; and who knows what will ruin them? [23-26] This is also said by smart people; It’sn’t good to show favoritism to people that are being judged. Those who say that sinful people are good will be cursed and nations will look down on them; but they’ll be pleased and bless those that punish them. People will kiss the mouths of those that give a good answer. [27-34] Put your outside work in order first, getting the land ready; then build your home later. Don’t be a witness against others without cause; and don’t lie to them. Don’t say, “I’ll get even for what they’ve done to me and I’ll do to them just what they did to me.” I went by the property of a lazy person and by the home of someone with no understanding; It was all grown over with weeds, and thorns covered the outside of it, and the fence was broken down. When I saw this and thought about it well, I looked on it, learning a lesson. A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of hands to rest; so your poverty comes as a homeless drifter; and your need as an armed robber.   25 [1-3] These are also the sayings of Solomon, which the secretaries of Hezekiah, the ruler of Judah copied out. It’s the glory of God to hide things, but the glory of rulers is to understand the matter. The hearts of rulers are as unsearchable as the heights of heaven and as the depths of earth. [4-7] Melt the dross from the silver, and it will become finer. Take sinful people away from the presence of rulers, and the ruler’s reign will be settled in goodness. Don’t push yourself into the presence of rulers, and don’t put yourself in the place of great people. It’s better that it be said to you, “Come here;” than that you should be taken away from the presence of the ruler that you’ve just seen. [8-10] Don’t argue too quickly, or you won’t know what to do in the end, when someone else has shamed you. Argue your case with someone in person; and don’t gossip about it to someone else, because those that hear it may shame you, and your infamy won’t ever be lived down. [11-13] A word truly spoken is like golden apples in a bowl of silver. As an earring with a pendant of fine gold, so is a wise warning on a respectful ear. As the cold snow is at harvest time, so are faithful messengers to those that send them because they refresh their soul. [14-16] Whoever brags about themselves of an untrue talent are like the clouds and wind without any rain. A ruler is convinced when you don’t give up, and a gentle word breaks their will. If you find honey, then eat as much as is necessary for you, or else you’ll be too full and vomit it up. [17-20] Leave your neighbor’s house before they’re tired of you, and hate you. People that lie against others are like a sledge hammer, a blade, and a sharp arrow. Having confidence in the unfaithful in a time of trouble is like having a broken tooth or a foot out of joint. Like those that take away a person’s coat in cold weather, and as vinegar fizzes on baking soda, so are those that sing songs to a heavy heart. [21-23] If your enemies are hungry give them food to eat, and if they’re thirsty give them water to drink; because when you do, you’ll make them hate you with a burning jealousy, but you’ll be rewarded by Yahweh. Like the north wind drives rain away; an angry look will put an end to a back-talking mouth. [24-28] It’s better to stay in the corner of the attic, than with a difficult person in a fine house. As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is good news from far away. A good person giving in to the sinful is as muddy as troubled water, and as poisonous as a contaminated creek. As it isn’t good for someone to eat too much honey, there’s no respect for a person looking for their own glory. Those that have no self-control are like an unprotected city without boundaries.        26 [1-9] Like snow isn’t wanted in summer and as rain isn’t wanted in harvest time, nor is it fitting to give respect to a stupid person. As the migrating bird, and as the soaring swallow, so punishment won’t come without cause. A whip is for the horse, a bridle is for the ass, and a switch is for the backside of stupid people. Don’t answer a stupid person with the same kind of stupidity, or you’ll also become like them. Give an answer to a stupid person worthy of their stupidity, or they’ll think too much of themselves. Those that send a message by the hand of a stupid person cuts off their own way and they’ll soon be destroyed. As the legs of the lame are unequal, so is a report in the words of a stupid person. As those that tie a stone into a slingshot, so are those that give respect to a stupid person. As a thorn goes up into the hand of a drunkard, so is a story in the words of stupid people. [10-12] The great God that formed all things repays stupid and sinful people, both. As dogs eat their own vomit, so stupid people return to their stupidity. Do you see all those know-it-alls? There’s more hope of a stupid person than of them. [13-17] The lazy say, “Trouble’s coming; there’s danger in the streets;” and as the door flips on its hinges, so lazy people turn over in their beds. The lazy pat their hand on their belly, but it’s too much trouble for them to take another bite. The lazy think they’re smarter than seven reasonable people. Those that pass by the arguments of others and interfere are like those who devil a dog when they pass it. [18-22] As a crazy person that throws deadly firebombs, so is a person that lies to others, and says, “I’m just joking!” Where there’s no wood, the fire goes out; so trouble dies down where there’s no gossip; but as coals added to burning coals, and wood added to fire; so is a divisive person that starts arguments. The words of a gossip are like ulcers in the belly. [23-28] Pushy words with a misleading heart are like a piece of broken ceramic glazed with silver dross. Those that hate others are critical with their words and tell cruel lies. When they speak reasonably, don’t believe them; for there are seven more shameful lies in their hearts. Those that cover hatred with lies will expose their evil to everybody. Whoever murders someone will only dig a grave for themselves; and a tombstone will fall back on the one who places it. A lying mouth attacks those it hates, and a mouth that only tells someone what they want to hear will later destroy them.   27 [1-2] Don’t brag about tomorrow; because you never know what a day may bring. Let someone else praise you and not your own mouth; allow a stranger to praise you and not your own words. [3-5] A stupid person’s anger is heavier than stone or wet sand. Great rage is cruel, and anger is disgraceful; but no one is able to stand before jealousy! Open rejection is better than secret love. [6-8] The wounds of a friend are faithful; but an enemy’s kiss is full of lies. A person who is full can’t bear sweets; but anything is sweet to a hungry person. It’s as dangerous for those that run away from home as it’s for birds that stray from their nest. [9-10] As fragrant oils and perfume make the heart happy, so the encouragement of a person’s friend is sweet. Don’t leave your own friend or your parent’s friend alone in time of need, nor go into your family’s home in the day of your misfortune. A close neighbor is better than a distant family member. [11-12] Children, be wise, and make me happy, so that I can reply to everybody that criticizes me. If you’re sensible people, you’ll foresee trouble and get out of the way; but if you’re young and stupid, you’ll keep on going, and get only what you deserve. [13-16] Take the shirt off the back of those that bail out untrustworthy people, and hold it for security from those that guarantee the debts of the ungodly. Those that loudly applaud their friends early in the morning will be cursed by them. A divisive person is very much like the constant dripping of a very rainy day; It’s as useless to try to stop them as to try to stop the wind from blowing, or to catch oil in your hand. [17-19] As metal sharpens metal; so are those that sharpen the point of view of their friends. Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit; so those that work well for the owner of a company will be respected. As a face is reflected in the water, so the heart reflects the person. [20-22] The eyes of a person are never satisfied, just like Hell and the grave are never full. As silver and gold are refined; so people will shine by the praise they receive. Though you whip a stupid person mercilessly, you can’t beat their stupidity out of them. [23-27] Be careful to know the state of your property, and look well to what you have, because worldly goods aren’t forever and don’t pass down to every generation. But as sure as spring and summer bring in the harvest, if you budget a small amount for your clothing and a larger sum for your property, you’ll have money enough for your food and for the upkeep of your family.   28 [1-3] Immoral people are anxious and run when no one is chasing them, but godly people are as bold as lions. Too many rulers make a nation rebel, but those of understanding and knowledge save it. A poor person that keeps down the poor is like a pouring rain which destroys food crops. [4-8] Those that give up on the Word of Yahweh approve of the sinful, but those that keep the Word of God challenge them about their wrongs. Evil people have no judgment, but people who look for Yahweh understand everything. Good poor people are better than evil rich people. Those who keep the Word of God are wise children, but those that are friends of rebellious people shame their parents. Those that get richer by lending for interest and gaining unearned income will collect it only for others who will care for the poor. [9-12] Even the prayers of those that don’t listen to the Word of God are an insult to the Almighty. Whoever causes godly people to go astray in an evil way, will fall into their own trap, but godly people will find good things. Rich people think they know it all; but poor people who are smart thoroughly question them. When godly people celebrate, there’s a great celebration, but when the sinful secretly rise to power, the people quietly disappear. [13-14] Those that hide their sins won’t do well, but whoever admits and turns from their sin will have mercy. Those that always respect Yahweh are happy, but those that ignore the Word of God will get into trouble. [15-16] As a roaring lion, and a raging bear; so are sinful rulers over poor people. The ruler that keeps down the people lacks understanding, but those that aren’t greedy will prolong their days. [17-18] People that violently murder any person will run from judgment till the day they die; so let no one help them. Whoever does well will be saved, but those who act in hateful ways will quickly fall. [19-22] Those that work hard will have plenty of food, but those that follow after worthless people will have poverty enough. Faithful people will live with blessings, but those that want to get rich quickly aren’t innocent. The favoritism of people isn’t good; for a small favor those people will go bad. Those who want to get rich quickly have eyes full of evil, and never think that poverty will come on them. [23-28] Those that correct a person after a wrong will find more favor than those that only tell them what they want to hear. Whoever says it’s no sin to steal from their parents are playing with destruction. Those that think themselves better than others stir up trouble, but those that put their trust in Yahweh will be richly rewarded. Those that trust in their own hearts are stupid, but whoever walks wisely will be saved. Those that give to the poor won’t lack, but those that ignore them will have much trouble. When the sinful rise to power, people go into hiding, but when they die, godly people step up.   29 [1-2] Stubborn people, who have been corrected often, will be unexpectedly destroyed, having no escape. When godly people are in power, the people celebrate, but when the sinful rule, the people mourn. [3-5] Whoever loves wisdom causes their parents to celebrate, but those that keep company with sexually immoral people waste their living. By good judgment rulers make the land safe, but those that take bribes make it fall. People that only tell others what they want to hear set a trap for them. [6-10] Evil persons will be trapped by their own sin, but godly people will sing and celebrate. Godly people think about the poor, but the sinful don’t even want to know about them. Rebellious people overcome a city, but wise people calm their own anger. If a wise person argues with a stupid person there’s no peace, whether they rage or laugh. Cruel people hate the good, but fair people look for the good. [11-14] Stupid people speak their mind before hearing the whole story, but wise people listen and think before answering. If a ruler listens to lies, their staff members will be sinful as well. Yahweh gives light to the eyes of both the poor and the liars. The reign of rulers that faithfully judge the poor will be settled forever. [15-17] A switch and correction give good judgment, but undisciplined children bring shame on their parents. When the sinful increase, sin steadily grows, but godly people will live to see their downfall. Correct your children and they’ll let you rest; yes, they’ll give happiness to your soul. [18-21] Where there’s no hope for the future, people will waste away and die, but those that keep their eyes on the Word of God are happy. A worker won’t be corrected by words only, because they refuse to change their ways even when they understand. There’s more hope of a stupid person than of those that speak too quickly. Those that carefully bring up their trainee as a young person will treat them like family in the end. [22-27] An angry person stirs up trouble, and a furious person lives on sin. People’s pride will bring them low, but respect will uphold those who are depressed in spirit. Whoever helps in the crimes of a thief is their own worst enemy; and when they hear lying, they don’t expose it for what it is. A person’s fear controls them, but whoever puts their trust in Yahweh will be safe. Many look for the ruler’s grace; but every person’s judgment comes from Yahweh. Sinful people are an insult to godly people, and those who live godly lives are an offense to the sinful.   30 [1-3] The words of Agur the son of Jakeh, the preaching that the people spoke to Ithiel and Ucal; Surely I’m more wild than anyone, and haven’t the brain of a human being. I’ve no wisdom, nor do I have the knowledge of the holy. [4] Who has gone up into heaven, or come down from it? Who has caught up the wind in their hands? Who has bound the waters in their clothes? Who has settled all the boundaries of the earth? What’s God’s Name, and what’s the Firstborn’s Name, if you can tell it? [5-6] All the Words of God are perfect; You defend those that put their trust in You. Don’t change the meaning of the Words of God, or you may be corrected and found to be a liar. [7-9] Don’t deny me these two things that I ask of You before I die; Take away from me self-importance and lies, and don’t give me poverty or riches, but provide my food daily; If I’m too full, I might think I don’t need You, and say, Who is Yahweh? But if I’m poor, I might steal, and misuse the Name of my God. [10] Don’t accuse an employee to their employer, or they’ll curse you, and you may be found the guilty one. [11-14] This generation curses their parents, and doesn’t bless them. This generation is guiltless in their own eyes and yet isn’t washed from the filthiness of their sins. This generation thinks so much of themselves that they think they can do anything! This generation destroys the poor and the needy from among the people of the earth. [15-16] The bloodsucker has two children, always crying, “Give, give.” Three things are never satisfied, yes, four things won’t ever have enough; The grave; the barren womb; the thirsty earth; and an unquenchable fire. [17] The one that disrespects a parent, and hates to obey them, will run away and die in a rough country and the birds will eat their body. [18-19] There are three things which are too wonderful for me, yes, four which I can’t even comprehend; The way an eagle soars through the air; the way a serpent slithers on a rock; the way a ship stays afloat in the middle of the sea; and the way a man loves a woman. [20] The way of sexually unfaithful people is to eat and wipe their mouths, saying, “We’ve done no evil.” [21-23] The earth is overcome by three things, four things it can’t bear; For a worker to be in control, for a stupid person to be full of food, for a married person to be unlovable, and for a worker that is due to inherit their employer’s business. [24-28] There are four things which are small on the earth, but are very wise; The ants, which aren’t a strong species, yet they get everything they need ready in the summer; the mountain badgers that are quite small, yet make their homes in the cracks between the rocks; the locusts, which have no ruler, yet all fly in swarms; and the spider that makes a web even in the great houses of rulers. [29-31] There are three things that walk grandly, yes, four look wonderful as they go about; A lion, which is the strongest among the wild animals, and doesn’t back off for anything; a strutting rooster; a male goat also; and a ruler, who no one dares to rebel against. [32-33] If you’ve stupidly lifted yourself up in pride, or if you’ve thought evil things, put your hand on your mouth, for just as churning milk makes butter, and a broken nose bleeds; so stirring up anger only brings trouble on yourself.   31 [1-9] These are the words of the ruler Lemuel, the preaching that his mother taught him. Oh, Child! Child of my womb! The child of my promises! Don’t waste your strength on many lovers, nor give your ways to those things that destroy rulers. Child, it isn’t for rulers to drink wine; nor for their children to drink strong alcohol, or they might drink it, and forget the law, and their judgments go against the rights of the abused. Only give strong drinks to those that are about to die, and wine to those that have heavy hearts. Let them drink, and forget their poverty, not remembering their suffering. Stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves, in the case of all those who are about to die. Speak for them and judge fairly the cases of the poor and needy. [10-20] Who can find a worthy spouse, who is more valuable than riches? Their spouse’s heart safely trusts in them, having no need to worry. They’ll treat them well and not terribly every day of their life. They look for material goods and work willingly with their hands. They’re like a buyer who gets food from far away places. They rise while it’s still dark, and give it to their households and some to their workers as well. Thinking about a piece of property, they buy it and tend it with the work of their hands. They keep fit, strengthening their arms. They know what they produce is good, and they hardly even turn out the lights at night. They work with their hands, skillfully using their equipment. They give to the poor and reach out to the needy. [21-31] They aren’t afraid of the cold for their household; for they’re all well clothed, having fine coats and quality clothing. Their spouses are well known when they sit among the leaders of the city. They supply fine merchandise, and bring it to the buyers to sell. They’re strong and respectable; and will celebrate in the days ahead. They speak with wisdom and words of kindness. They look after their household well, and are never lazy. Their children will rise up and call them blessed; and their spouses will also praise them. Many spouses have done respectably, but these outshine them all. Favoritism is false, and attractiveness has no real value, but those who respect Yahweh will be praised. Give them the rewards of their hard work; and let their own acts be publicly honored.

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