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A Little Redneck Theology: A Diary of Verse

A Little Redneck Theology: A Diary of Verse A Spiritual Journey of Poetry Authored by Sis. Kimberly M Hartfield A Little Redneck Theology in Verse is a companion volume to A Little Redneck Theology and Other Stuff from a Southern … Continue reading

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China and the Great Commission

As a result of the Chinese government’s barbaric attack on mothers and their children with their One Child policy, there are some 100 million fewer females than males in China today. With this great need of females in China, I … Continue reading

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Why are there bad people in the world?

Why are there bad people in the world? The Bible tells us in Ps 14:3 “They have all gone astray; they have all together become evil. There is NONE GOOD, no, not one.” Evil people have been in the world since the … Continue reading

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Do Children and Others who die without the Knowledge of Christ go to Heaven?

The question was asked in my Sunday school class whether children who died would go to heaven if they were under the age of accountability.  Later in the week, I was doing my Bible study when I ran across Romans … Continue reading

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